Software Pursuits

Software Pursuits, since 1975 has been involved in designing and delivering software solutions to Enterprise Information Systems. The company is known to provide Flexible, Easy-To-use and reliable software solutions and offers excellent Customer Support.


Despite having a loyal customer base, the organization was solely dependent on Manual Marketing, and thus there were limited gains as compared to the benefits which could be gained from aggressive Digital Marketing. The company pain points included Limited visibility of the data, and thus there was a delay in decision making. The company needed a 360-degree view of its business operations with new ERP. The company was using an outdated ERP system and missing out on the extensive capabilities that modern ERP systems offer. The challenge was to migrate the old system to on-cloud. The next concern was the seamless integration without losing out any data and information and maintaining uniformity across all channels.

There were No Portals for  Customer services, and this was a considerable drawback for the company as it is a necessary component to build strong relationships with the customers. No Calendar Sync resulted in confusion regarding the chronologically updating the processes.

Online24x7’s Solutions

Seamless integration: We offered seamless integration from the existing outdated on-premise, we integrated new applications and hardware on-cloud.  There were no errors and complications involved, and thus it became quite easy to incorporate a new feature. There was no negative impact involved in the remaining systems. The upgrades were made seamlessly to the existing systems. We also maintained consistency across all applications and our QA team assured that immediate action was taken to fix any bugs. Our team is dedicated to offering seamless integration by meticulous planning of events that starts from the Design & Development stage.

Outlook Integration:  We provided Outlook Integration services to the company and assisted in the transformation process of switching to highly secure and an efficient system. With simplicity and ease of communication with the help of Outlook, the organization could streamline its communication process. Seamless interaction, instant user access, and low downtime ensured the company had a robust communication channel running throughout the company.

Centralized dashboard: We integrated a centralized Dashboard which made it easy for an organization to get an overview of the key performance indicators of its various business functions such as Production, Sales, Marketing, Distribution. Our dashboard provided an interactive visual representation of the performance measures and based on the results provided AI- driven tools, and detailed reports could be generated. This helped the firm in making informed business decisions.

Mobility and BI: Our ERP solutions are embedded with extended capabilities. In the era of continuous development in the field of enterprise, a large number of organizations integrated their systems to a mobile device. The ease of doing business with Mobile Business Intelligence that is mostly used in creating and developing Apps was provided to the company. Organizations are increasingly using the BI to increase the productivity of the employees of various departments such as the Sales, Marketing, Inventory Management and many more. We designed highly-responsive Mobile Apps for the firm and advanced integrated technology and created a highly responsive mobile-enabled application. We created Mobile software that helped in increasing team collaboration and better results in terms of increased sales. It gives real-time sales alerts and provides a robust CRM integration. There are various tools embedded that perform an excellent task of Lead Scoring, Grading, ROI Reporting, etc. the built-in templates that make the process of email Marketing much faster and secure. The campaign templates were customized as per the requirements of the organization. Event Management, and multi-channel marketing campaigns we increased the customer engagement and retention rate. With analytics and AI tools, the software solution predicted user behavior and offered tailored made marketing campaigns to attract customers.  The company could align its Sales and Marketing activities and instantly share real-time information about the customers and their requirements to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Marketing Campaigns: We ditched the old manual marketing plans and introduced new digital marketing Campaigns. With Marketing Automation, the company was able to engage the customers in a better manner. Our marketing software with embedded intelligence, the organization was able to know its customers with AI-driven Market Insights. Our scalable solution worked in tandem with the company’s growth. With the help of our marketing software, the company was able to disseminate information to a laser-targeted audience with results that could be measured easily and a clear picture of the ROI could be obtained. With our Marketing campaigns, a whole new transformation was witnessed in terms of the outlook of the company towards its marketing activities and also in terms of more buyers who were compelled to make a buying decision with the well-crafted marketing strategies.

Calendar activity sync: Today, organizations use Outlook and server-Side Synchronization with Account, Contact, appointments, and Tasks Synchronization. There was much ease in opening an appointment directly from the Calendar by double-clicking in the entry.

Customer Portals: we introduced Customer Portals that helped in building a great relationship with the customers. The customers can access updates and patches and downloaded them without any assistance. Our Customer Portals consists of online knowledgeable base forms which have updated and relevant content that proves to be useful for the customers. The primary purpose of creating a Customer Portal or a Knowledgebase is to meet the growing demands of customer self-service and giving them tools to improve their overall experience dealing with your organization.  The clients were able to access their accounts online and use several features such as Customer Registration, Customer Authentication, it also included a Portal Registration for Customer and provided real-time sync with the  CRM to create a contact record which contains information of the clients.  The Customer Portals acts as a customer-centric self-service application, and the features do not require any coding. The portal shows suggested answers which are based on the summarised issue raised by the customer.  Thus, the Voice of customers was heard, and a streamlined channel of communication was put up in place to ensure a better customer relationship.