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Workforce Management


Workforce Management: Crucial to the success of a Business

All kinds of businesses are prone to uncertain economic cycles. Whatever may be the market scenario, they are required to fulfill their objectives within strict deadlines. Clients, shareholders and other parties expect results irrespective of the volatile market trends. In such circumstances, cost-cutting seems a feasible option for businesses and they have to work with only a certain number of employees and battle the challenges posed by the adverse market conditions. Achieving the desired growth with a limited workforce can prove to be a daunting task; therefore, Workforce Management is of crucial importance to a business. The toughest part is mapping of employee skills with the existing demand and making optimum utilization of it.

Such a scenario requires a highly effective and integrated workforce management software rich in features and having the capacity to tackle different issues efficiently. We provide such solutions that assist businesses in achieving their goals and objectives and thwart the challenges faced in managing the workforce.

We offer a workforce solution provider that covers different processes such as that of recruitment, training, creating competency maps, time management etc. It assists in effective employee assignment with a highly organized framework of logically linked processes that effectively cater to the shortcomings in demand and supply of trained employees.

• Employee Records:

Our software enables you in getting acquainted with your employee movements while they are working on projects assigned to them with the help of ‘Employee Records’. Employers can instantly get access to information about employees such as skills and training received and educational, professional & personal information at their fingertips. .

• Employee Movements:

Easy and quick employee mobility is a perquisite to tap potential opportunities and make profit. But keeping track of employee movement is a major concern for organizations Movement of employees where there requirement is urgent helps organizations to speed up resources and achieve optimum utilization of resources. Our workforce solution provider consists of this feature which assists businesses in easy implementation of employee transfers, promotions etc. in a highly efficiently manner.
With this software changes in terms of positions, grades or locations can be easily ascertained as the user would use the functions and they would change accordingly. For future reference history is duly maintained.

• Time & Attendance Management software:

Another aspect in which the software plays a key role is that of tracking time and attendance. Payroll management and administration duties can be fulfilled efficiently only when attendance and time tracking is done correctly and on a regular basis. The software assists HR personnel to manage the humongous time and attendance database with great efficiency. Employee self service software has been simplified and at the same time automated the process of recording attendance. While the employees record their attendance, it is stored located centrally in the Human Capital Management System. With higher mobility of employees, attendance recording systems such as that of biometric systems prove to be insufficient. Our software taps these shortcomings. Our new attendance recording systems are embedded with highly advanced technology and offer the ease of recording NFC and GPS based time attendance. These advancements make tracking of attendance recording highly accurate and rule out any discrepancies which other conventional attendance recording systems offer. Moreover, with the advance technology, interaction with the employee can be done while they are on the go.

Our Time & Attendance Management software system therefore works well with organizations which comprises of mobile workforce. Today employees are globe-trotting and assisting organizations in achieving their goals and competing in not only the domestic market but also in the international market as well. With a globally distributed workforce, tracking employee movement in offices can prove to be a daunting task, but with such software readily available, it has become quite an easy task for HR personnel to record attendance and track employees’ movements. The NFC and GPS based time and attendance recording is completely hassle-free. Our software configures the entire GPS & NFC based attendance recording system on smart phones and mobile devices, thus giving employers an easy and convenient and easy attendance recording. So, basically our software when configured on mobile devices such as that on mobile phones offers a completely flexible attendance workforce management solution.

• Leave Management:

Leave management has never been so easy before. With our workforce management software, things have been simplified as leave data and related information can be maintained with great ease. Applications are provided in the software which gives employees flexibility of place to apply for leave in their organizations. They can get feedback for the same through the user-defined parameters which are available in the application. Thus, this software gives access to employees 24x7 and enables easy time and attendance management and leave management.

• Travel and expenses management solution:

Our Employee Self Services software assists employees in managing their work related travel and seeking claims for the expenses incurred on the same. The software offers an easy travel and expenses management solution for both employees as well as the employers.