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Why SRP- Overview

The need for SRP


Online24x7 offers an intuitive HCM on Cloud which comes with four characteristics- Mobility, Usability, Social, In-memory and Context Aware; called the MUSIC in aggregation. These four concepts are basically the primary concepts of all the products we offer. The first characteristic Mobility refers to transactions made while on the go such as employee expense claims, leave management, Usability refers to an advanced user-interface which assists in performing functions on a daily basis. The In-memory feature is the in-memory engine which minimizes the processing time of time consuming to a considerable extent. It performs multiple actions in parallel at a high speed. The Context Aware feature minimizes the requirement of manual entries as the applicable fields are defaulted taking into different factors into consideration such as time, place and function. Our HCM software on Cloud and keeps the users and the business organization socially connected for activities such as time booking by using the Gamification feature.

In today’s highly competitive global market, Services industry faces multiple challenges ranging from the use of multiple standalone applications for the daily functioning of internal departments, effective planning execution and tracking of their projects, optimized utilization and visibility of available resources, lack of control over project expenses and cash outflow, seamless flow of information between HR, timesheet, and Finance/Billing

The services industry today has become highly competitive which poses a number of challenges in terms of using numerous standalone applications, making and executing effective plans, optimum utilization, keeping of track of the progress of the projects, keeping a check on the project expenses and cash outflow and ensuring an uninterrupted flow of information among the HR. In such a scenario, our HCM on Cloud acts as an integrated end-to-end solution. The software ensures a smooth flow of information among various departments in the organization such as that of HR, finance, Resource Management department etc. Reporting requirements based upon cross-functional operations can be fulfilled on a timely basis. The skills of the service industry personnel can be managed really well and their optimum utilization of their skills can be achieved across multiple projects or assignments simultaneously.

In a nutshell, the software minimizes the time and effort spent in manual activities by making the different processes automatic. Moreover, it ensures that the daily transactions are made paperless with the usage of a single electronic source of information which acts as a global data repository.