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User Interface


Onlin24x7 offers workspaces that prove to be highly beneficial for HR personnel. Employee self-service has turned out to be one of the most convenient interface for employees as they can get instant information about themselves in their organization pertaining to attendance, leaves, salary slips etc. In fact, IT systems in the HR domain have got a facelift with the introduction of Employee Self-service. We provide such user-interfaces and Human Capital Management- HCM on cloud which provide seamless integration and are less time consuming.

The HCM software on cloud is designed by experts that who are aware of the user’s behavior role. He software is easy to use and prove to be highly effective for the particular role it has been designed. Moreover, it is easy to use and does not require rigorous training.

The user-interface provided by consists of analytics that are simply that are contextual to the transaction. It facilitates easy management and initiates quick decision making process. The idea is to provide major functions and business processes which are pertain to a particular user’s role. Moreover, these are available in the same view. It acts as a personal workspace for the user.