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Industry Solutions

Online24x7 offers HCM on Cloud which covers the SRP Industry Solutions. The HCM software on Cloud caters to the different functions of organizations which are described below.



IT/ITes and BPO industry revolves around projects and thus project management is of utmost importance. Our SRP Industry solution supports projects of different nature such as that which are milestone-based, T&M based and Capped T&M based projects. The software integrates with different productivity tools such as MS project and enables a detailed tracking of the status of the project. Various elements of Project Management, Workforce management & Finance are blended into an application which has a user-friendly interface. With the SRP Solution, organizations can ensure timely completion of projects within the budget allocated. Companies can get real-time visibility on project profitability, resource levels etc. Moreover, they can make optimum utilization of resources.


Our SRP Industry solutions offer an integrated interface in which different activities such as timesheet entry, invoice generation function and the billing process are all linked to each other. This helps in time-saving and reduces the workload of entering manual data into excel sheets. Data redundancy can be prevented to a great extent. There’s an overall improvement in the efficiency of the resources.


Staffing companies are resource-centric to the core. Therefore, precise workforce management needs to be done in an organized manner. With our HCM software on Cloud we offer a number of advantages to our clients such as Associate on-boarding for clients, Workflows for Attendance & Timesheet booking/approvals and running large volume multi-site and multi-client payrolls. Our SRP Industry solution proves to be a central management force for different company processes. Functions such as Recruitment & Hiring, On-Boarding, Resource allocation, Attendance approval is provided through our HCM software on Cloud. Organizations get a number of advantages with our HCM on cloud. For instance turn-around time is considerably reduced for staffing requirements. Timely payroll processing and easy payroll management are also the benefits that organizations can get from our SRP Industry software. The software also allows for greater transparency while dealing with clients and associates.