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Features and Benefits

We, at Online24x7, offer sophisticated HCM software on Cloud that helps in Service, Resource & Planning functions enabling organizations to get the advantages of SRP Features and avail the benefits.

The SRP Features & Benefits are described below:


Contact to Contract (C2C)

Our SRP solution covers a wide range of activities starting with generating leads, planning of field activities, Funnel management and other activities related to the Professional Services Organization. The C2C involves customer segregation and efficient management of contracts-(MSA - Master Service Agreement) and management of Work Orders (SOW - Statement of Work).

Execution to Billing (E2B)

The Execution to Billing Activity in our HCM on Cloud refers to the complete cycle of the commencement of the project to completion (invoicing the client) of the project. There are different activities involved in it such as Project Definition, Project execution, Timesheet Management, Milestone Management and Project Expense Management.

Quote to Cash (Q2C)

It is very important for a business to keep a tab on the activities related to a project even before it starts. For instance, the company has to take care of the estimate of a proposal of an assignment. Organizations also have to track the project status and keeping a control on the projects’ expenses. Project Budgeting is very important as a project needs to be completed within the pre-decided budget. Other factors that are taken into account are Revenue recognition, Project Revenue and Profitability.

Request to Release (R2R)

Professional Services Organizations have to manage their resources in a well-defined and in an organized manner. Calculation of the requirement of different factors of production is required to be done accurately which starts the Human Capital. Our HCM on Cloud software solution covers the entire Human Capital Management process and internal allocation of resources to different projects which includes request to release of resources from existing projects. Our HCM on Cloud is embedded with a global payroll that covers 48 countries.