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Online24x7 firmly believes that recruitment should be a technologically advanced and a fun process. We have made it possible through our Social HCM on cloud.

We provide social recruiting software that enable HR personnel to tap into the emerging talent acquisition and employee retention techniques. Further induction process is also made interactive and loathed with fun to break the ice.

Today is the world of social media and it can be exploited for talent acquisition in the best possible manner. Social recruiting as emerged as a new and a successful recruitment technique. A fruitful engagement is possible on social media sites even before a face-to-face interview. Third-party references, endorsements and recommendations on social media sites prove to be highly useful for HR personnel in acquiring the best talent for their organization. Moreover, potential candidates also get complete information about the company and the expectations from forums, discussion sites and other online communities related to the company. Thus, these social tools for employee engagement are enabling human resource departments to scout for the best talent for their organizations.