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Loyal employees: A highly recognized need of the Retail industry


Retailers have started realizing that to retain the customers it is important to have a loyal workforce that is capable of providing an enhanced customer experience. To keep the employees in tune with the goals and objectives of the organization, two-way communication is required. Proper communication channels need to be created so that the employees can be continuously motivated to work harder and to lend a patient ear to their grievances. The aim is to make the employees comfortable at the workplace and encourage them to improve their efficiency. Since, the retail industry involves a lot of interaction directly with the customers, it is therefore imperative to have a talent pool that can assure a long association of the company with the clients.

Our Retail-industry Solutions include offering mobile applications that offers a two-way communication channel between the employer and the employees. Moreover, the HCM on Cloud software helps organizations in recognizing a good job done by the employees and appreciating their efforts which acts as a catalyst in improving their efficiency and outlook towards their work. Our retail services help organizations in creating a contended work environment where employees are able to work to the best of their capability.

Key features of our HCM on Cloud Services

  • Workforce planning can be meticulously and accurately planned based upon the square feet of retail space owned. It can be further adjusted for the relevant seasonal variations.
  • The HCM on Cloud software acquaints the organization with the professional and personal behavioral pattern of the employees which has a high impact on the sales.
  • The employees can be aware of different approaches required in closing a deal successfully with the clients as different products require a different approach and a unique sales pitch.The question is how aware employees are of these facts or how these facts play a role in their work-life.

Obligations for HR

Talent Acquisition & Development

  • Create a positive relationship between the employee and the brand.
  • Recruit the required manpower. Hiring additional workforce for seasonal needs and targeting young professionals for the same.
  • Cater to the requirement of different types of workforce, including hourly, seasonal, and contingent workers.
  • Introduce a definite model of business conduct for the employees.
  • Set up a retail-specific training calendar for staff.
  • Set up realistic targets in each store differently, monitor the progress and aligned to store-wise targets.
  • To increase motivation, HR needs to create a pay-for-performance culture.
  • Track employee movements (in and out of stores).

Compensation & Benefits

  • Automate Time Management for staff and facilitate seamless integration with Payroll with the help of HCM on cloud software.
  • Recognize employees for successful conduct in through rewards.
  • Study the results of the training program and felicitate employees with positive results with awards.

Employee Empowerment

  • Conduct surveys to learn about employee satisfaction.
  • Engage the staff in the decision making process and implement the schemes.
  • Engage in Life Event Reporting.

Statutory & Compliance

  • Ensure that the employees are complying with the existing rules and regulations through audits and surprise checks.

Retail Industry Solutions


  • Our Retail-industry solutions help in making appropriate use of Competency Models to define the model business conduct.

Workforce Management

  • Our HCM on Cloud software provides a Time Management system which is customized for all employment grades.
  • Learn about employee life events. For instance, knowing about the reason for an employee’s leave and using reasoning tactics to learn about the leave pattern and its explanation.


  • The HCM on cloud software automates the recruitment process.
  • The software allows best recruitment from different sources- internal, job referrals, job sites and social networking sites.
  • Facilitates on-boarding and helping new employees to blend in at the workplace quickly to start getting results within a short period of their joining.

Talent Management

  • The software consists of a Behavioral Appraisal process which also informs about the results of surprise checks/ formal audit on the employee’s model of conduct.

Employee Development

  • Our retail services include the ‘Training Administration’ feature which has different features such as the training calendar and program, attendance monitoring, enrolment of employees, feedback monitoring etc.
  • It helps Talent Managers in identifying the best performers and rewarding them. The results are linked to the Payroll.

Payroll and Benefits

  • The HCM software makes payroll-processing a highly automated process which minimizes errors in computation.

Employee Self Service

  • Employee Survey in the software acquaints Talent Managers with the needs of the employees.
  • The software is a comprehensive one.
  • An interactive user-interface helps in making quick decisions as decisive information is presented as a chart for quick analysis and action.
  • The software is embedded with the Context aware feature which ‘recognizes’ the usage patterns of the users. Moreover, if permission is granted the software also makes visible social activities of the employees.
  • The Employee Self Service is compatible with mobile devices too.
  • The HCM on Cloud software puts an effective process of Employee Relations in place in which data automation of data related to employee conduct and behavior is possible.