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Recruitment Management


Online24x7 offers an advanced Recruitment Management Software which helps organizations to be pro-active while executing its recruitment, job posting and allied functions. The recruitment software is equipped with different features which makes recruitment management services a breeze. To simply put, it is a Candidate Management Software which assists HR personnel to execute its recruitment and further employee management function diligently and more efficiently. For instance, it helps them in taking cue of the correct staffing requirements, gathering resumes of potential candidates etc. It also makes collaboration of the Human Resource Department of an organization with recruitment agencies more fruitful as they can easily create profiles of potential candidates. Thus, screening and evaluation can be done to perfection and the best talent is hired for the organization. Different stages of the recruitment process are customized. The HR personnel can easily create various reports such as recruitment cycle time, cost, hit ratio etc.

Recruitment Administration

Our Recruitment Management Services software covers various functions such as Shortlisting, Scheduling Interviews, Rating & Selection of applicants etc. Screening and evaluation of candidates becomes a quick process which otherwise earlier proved to be time-consuming. Moreover, this our recruitment management software solution facilitates quick hiring also in cases where extensive recruitment details are not a necessity. Our Recruitment Software offer interfaces that are embedded with office productivity tools & word processing applications making recruitment administration management an easy task. For instance, call letters are created automatically triggering the process of recruitment and other processes are followed.

Customization of different hiring processes makes Talent Acquisition achieve its true goals. HR personnel are able to hire the best and suitable employees for a particular job role who prove to be ideal candidates working towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, the recruitment software offers more transparency and makes hiring a fair and quick process.


On boarding is absolutely necessary as it helps new employees to blend in the workplace as soon as possible. Our software helps new employees gather the required information in terms of skills and knowledge about the organization and it helps them to seamlessly blend within the organization with great ease. Formation before and after joining the organization are a smooth transition with our Employee On-boarding Solution.

Online24x7 is a leading recruitment software provider offering recruitment software at competitive prices. You can easily request for our hire software and we’ll get back to you soon