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Payroll & Benefits


We offer highly automated Payroll Management software that assists in handling payroll processing with great ease. Online24x7 is a leading payroll solution provider that provides global payroll software to 40 countries. The basis of calculating salaries such as the existing rules, according to which salaries are paid and factors such as business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance, Taxes, Statutory Requirements and other important areas are considered by our software on cloud service. Thus, the Employee Payroll software helps in easy and highly organized payroll management.

Global Payroll

Online24x7 provides multicurrency payroll software and addresses the payroll management needs of over 40 countries across India, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific, America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We are extending our payroll management services to other countries and continents as well. Being a global payroll provider, our company is well-informed of the complexities faced in payroll management. Our software is equipped to implement personalized pay packages and can deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll. The software easily reduces the payroll processing time and makes payroll management an easy task.


The Employee payroll software assists in easy administration of the different benefit plans in an organization. The software calculates the pay packet on the basis of various benefit plans, rate tables, premium deductions, eligibility and also calculates termination benefits while avoiding any discrepancies.


The payroll management software includes a reimbursement feature which calculates the employee claims in accordance with the existing rules associated with medical benefits, annual leave claim, travel expenses etc. this feature also allows for categorizing the claims as different groups and thus it facilitates easy calculation of reimbursement of travel and expenses which can either be included in the payroll or through vouchers.

Employee Self Service

Our payroll solution provider gives access is given to employees so that they can record and view their payroll details. It is basically Employee Self Service software that allows employees to view information about their pay slips, leave applications, appraisals, IT support etc. Moreover, the on-site employees too can access payroll related details in the software and easily get acquainted with the organizational activities on a regular basis.