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Managed Services (HRO)


Outsourcing: Yields a number of benefits

The old adage ‘Time is Money’ still holds true, especially for businesses that exist in a highly competitive environment. Prompt decisions and calculated risks are needed to be taken in order to achieve the goals and objectives predefined by the businesses. Therefore, businesses cannot afford to micro-analyze every small process and instead should focus on creating strategies for the future. But time constraints can prove to be hindrance in following such an approach towards business which actually can lead to profitable results. In such a situation, an ideal solution would be that of outsourcing the non-core processes to experts and manage the larger things that have an effect on the businesses.

Outsourcing and Managed services prove to be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, it makes new skills and technologies accessible to the company. Every process is streamlined and executed in a highly systematically order. Outsourcing also helps in cost reduction as organizations are able to make optimum utilization of the limited resources. Moreover, organizations can enter into strategic partnerships with key players in the market.

The HCM Advantage

Online24x7 offers HCM on Cloud which enables organizations to easily blend this computing technology in the existing systems. Another option they have is to move their system on our software. In both the systems, the software fully addresses the needs of organization of getting an automated system that can streamline the Human Resource Management process. Our HCM on cloud software is easily configured and offers ready-to-use enterprise solutions which are flexible and which have been tailored-made to suit the requirements of your business.

Avail the shared services benefits

Businesses can maintain their own businesses while availing the benefits of engaging in specialization in multiple enterprise functions. Online24x7 offers a global delivery model that gives organizations an easy access to the best technology and resources.

Easy Migration and up-gradation at no additional cost

Our HCM on cloud technology facilitates easy migration from the existing systems to our platform. We ensure that you get the best results during the process of implementation. Our work does not end at implementation as we offer excellent services after transition. We have a dedicated delivery team that works in perfect tandem with your personnel and helps you counter-act the challenges arising after transition.

IP3 Framework

In the past, organizations have been using their own technology platforms which vendors make use of while delivering services. But today, the scenario has changed due to the continuous legacy issues that keep cropping up from time to time related to antiquated platforms. Now, emphasis is being laid upon vendors having their own platforms and delivering services to them.
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Last Mile Activity

Managing year end activities can prove to be a complex task. With outsourcing of these activities, organizations can ensure perfection in HRO services. We offer Last Mile Activity that makes it possible for organizations to concentrate on their core competencies.
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Managed HR Services

Outsourcing HR activities not only helps in cost reduction but also gives organizations the opportunity to look into core matters that directly affect the profitability. Routine and non-creative tasks can be handed over to another firm and emphasis can be laid upon achieving long-term sustainability and getting a good ROI.
Managed HR Services

Managed Travel Services

The nature of market is volatile and the dynamics keep changing, therefore managing and sustaining within such an environment is very challenging. If you have a large business, then all you need is a well-constructed strategy and execute it with perfection to sustain in a highly competitive market. Core activities require your immediate attention. So, by outsourcing non-core processes, you can manage your core competencies easily.
Managed Travel Services

Managed Payroll Services

Managing payroll services can be a daunting task especially for large organizations. Outsourcing these services helps in saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on payroll processing. Moreover, with outsourcing resources can be diverted to other activities.
Managed Payroll Services