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For business spread over different locations, payroll management can prove to be a daunting task. Moreover, when geographical locations are bifurcated in terms of national and international boundaries, payroll management becomes an altogether difficult process as different factors such as time zones etc. have to be taken into consideration. The various components of the payroll such as the basic pay and other computations based on the employee claims, slab based calculations of salary should be known of the employees working in different geographical locations to compute salary accurately. All this information has to be computed in a logical manner. There are rules needed to be followed and the exceptions too have to be taken into account.

We offer advanced payroll processing solution that assists managers in easy calculation and management of payroll. The HR employees can also easily optimize in-memory and hard disk space for easy management of payroll. Our elaborate HCM software on cloud facilitates easy and quick payroll management. The software provided us comprises of an In-Memory Processing Engine dubbed as HCM Minnal. This processing engine makes processing of salaries less time consuming and thus the HR department can pay equal attention to other tasks. It increases the productivity of the employees and improves their efficiency in the long run. This has been possible with the HCM on Cloud software that automates the entire process of calculation of salary and payroll management.

Our software not facilitates easy payroll management and calculation but also helps in time management. Efficiency is related to efficient time management. Quick decisions are needed to be made to tap the opportunities available in the dynamic market conditions. Thus, managing time is one of the factors that contribute in the success of an organization. Every business aims to minimize costs and make optimum utilization of resources. Our Payroll processing software is embedded with an in-memory optimization engine which rapidly increases the processing capacity by 100 times. Thus, organizations can expect fast payroll processing solutions. The software processes all the actions in the memory at a lightning speed and saves a lot of time which can be diverted to other activities as well. The technology used in software targets each problem area, monitor events and assist in taking decisions from the process model in real time.

Online24x7’s HCM on cloud software assists in easy payroll processing across different countries. Our payroll processing software takes into account the fixed and variable compensation model for calculation of accurate salary. It also manages the functions pertaining to the logistics department as well such as that of production planning, inventory management, forecast planning, material requirement calculation etc. The software also enables in great planning related to order picking, transport and warehouse planning. Other functions performed with ease with this software are labor management and their shift planning; their overtime etc. can be done with ease. Vehicle allocation, route optimization, selection of the carrier to achieve optimum utilization of the transport system etc. too can be achieved with the help of this software. Yard management, wagon scheduling, terminal operation management, inland container depot, container rail movement-all the functions and planning pertaining to logistics can be done with great efficiency with the help of this software.