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Global Payroll


Payroll processing costs is one of the key expenses which large organizations have to incur, especially if the business is scattered across different geographical locations. Such organizations always face the challenge of minimizing the payroll processing costs. Moreover, while doing so they have to comply with the rules and regulations of payroll management laid down by the particular country in which the business is operating in. They have to follow their statutory and the industry regulations and avoid any penalty or risk due to inaccurate computation of salary. Our global payroll software solution provides an end to such problems and facilitates a quick and an easy way of payroll management.

Ours is unified payroll solution processing software that efficiently addresses the global needs. Large organizations can easily manage the payroll of employees of their businesses in different geographical locations. The software is embedded with advanced HCM functions which manages different activities such as that of vendor management, data management etc. The software which is basically a HCM on Cloud is also equipped to identify exceptions and recognizes policy configuration. The organizations are allowed to set exception riders based upon different factors such as the company, department, hierarchal position of the employee in the company etc. and then automate the payroll calculation.

Our software comes with an In-memory feature which is a optimization engine. It has revolutionized the payroll processing & calculation. Our payroll solution has built-in advanced optimization techniques which processes payroll for thousands of employee in a short time. It allows for tremendously improving the payroll cycle time and reduce costs incurred on computing payroll.

Online24x7 fully understands the complexity involved in payroll management of a globally dispersed workforce and thus offers an advanced payroll solutions that meet the demands of large scale organizations in a perfect manner. Our Global payroll software is equipped to cover more than 40 countries and new countries are being added on a regular basis. We offer options to our clients in terms of choosing among the various Talent Management capabilities such as Talent Acquisition, Training etc. The software provides a great deal of flexibility and therefore organizations can easily manage their payroll processing costs.