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Context Aware


Our HCM on cloud software aims at enabling HR department to complete transactions in a short period of time. It ensure that the role of the user and the transaction context remain central to the experience, irrespective of the location.

With the context aware HCM software, users can make themselves clearly aware of the location of the employees. With accurate location awareness, accurate payroll management is possible. Moreover, GPS based attendance and NFC based attendance calculation assists HR personnel in making accurate calculation of salary and easy payroll management. A fine example would that be of leave management with this software which further helps in accurate calculation of salary. When employees enter the number of leaves taken into the system, the software automatically defaults the type of leave for the user. Data entries are saved which help in completing the transactions quickly, thus saving a lot of time. When organizations use the Timesheet entry system, the software is equipped to identify the user and it algorithmically defaults the Projects/Activities that the user will feed into the system. It takes historical data into consideration available in the system for doing so.

Our HCM on Cloud is a fine integration of geo spatial applications and thus assists HR personnel in location awareness. The movement of the employees can be known on a real-time basis. Moreover, the software has taken the GPS based attendance and NFC based attendance technology to an altogether new level by offering new and advanced features that cater to mobile workforce in an organization. This is important because today with business spread over various locations, employees are always on the move. It becomes a challenging task for the HR department to record accurate employee attendance and integrate into the payroll software. Our software surpasses the challenges posed by the current bio-metric and swipe card attendance recording system and ensures complete visibility of the workforce system scattered over different locations. This also helps in the right allocation resources to the mobile workforce. Moreover, it is cost-effective as compared to the aforementioned attendance recording systems.

Our context aware HCM system efficiently addresses the needs of the workforce scattered over different geographical locations. Businesses have multiple office set-ups in various locations can easily track employees’ movements and accurately record their attendance. Our HCM on Cloud offers a new-age attendance solution which records employee movement in real-time effortlessly.