Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Planning is a key element in managing Human Capital. With HCM, planning becomes simplified for HR executives through Workforce Planning, Career Planning & Succession Planning modules.

Planning is of utmost importance in the efficient management of human resources. Our Workforce planning software helps organizations in workforce planning management in a systemized manner. The process of workforce planning begins with position definition. Further, it is associated with the control that decides the number of positions in a department and the requisite number of employees in the organizational hierarchy. For manpower planning, relevant information may be downloaded into MS Excel which makes manpower planning easy and less time consuming. The plan then can be uploaded into the workforce planning solution. Moreover, the number of employees required for a particular position and their salary slabs can be defined accordingly.

In the workforce planning software, there are a number of series of career models on the basis of which planning can be done appropriately. A particular career model is selected on the basis of the employees’ competency. The software assists in defining the growth path of the employees and the various growth opportunities available to them. The software also comprises of a Employee Self Service feature which facilitates employees to type their career aspirations. It is noteworthy that the career paths have development programs at each stage which are necessary to achieve the desired career aspirations. Thus, an organization with the help of the software can chalk out a successful career plan.

Our workforce planning solution helps in the selection of employees to succeed retiring which is done on the basis of a competency match. Various criteria form the basis of succession planning such as experience, performance and the preference of the employees. With the help of the software, the HR personnel can make evaluation of both internal and external talent available for the organization and rank them for a particular job position. Thus, in this way they can arrive at the best decision about succession of a particular number of candidates who are chosen to succeed. Moreover, the software also helps in the predicting employee movement across key positions in the organization. With such knowledge, timely decisions about employee movement can be taken and the risk can be minimized about changes/discontinuation in the leadership which can affect a huge number of employees.