Time Management

Effective Time Management: The Key to success

How many times have you efficiently differentiated between the billable and non-billable time of your employees? Are you able to keep a tab on the productive time of your employees every time? Probably, your answer would be that you haven’t been 100% accurate in doing so which means you may have ended up paying more! This is an unacceptable thing as with limited resources, any kind of loss should be prevented. It can be an exhausting task as keeping a track of time becomes a complex process especially for the mobile workforce. In such a scenario, it is best to rely on effective Time Management software that will help you in time management with a greater degree of efficiency and assist in preventing any revenue leakage in terms of payment for non-billable time of your employees. The old adage –Time is Money- is quite relevant in today’s fast paced world where time too has become a limited resource.
Effective time management needs to be prioritized in order to reduce & record the inactivity period and organize/schedule the productive time of employees to create a harmonious work environment where every employee can contribute in his best capacity to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

Irrespective of the scale of the business, small, medium or large, organizations should be vigilant in keeping track of the billable & non-billable time spent by employees and taking into account the exceptions too. So, how do you do that? Well, by simply integrating time management software that will help you track time and also assist you in compiling with the statutory regulations. Online24x7, one of the pioneers in providing software for different business process and activities, offers the time tracking software which enables you to manage time effectively without any hassles. Our software is embedded with several features that make it a preferred choice of a large number of organizations. Read on, to get acquainted with them.

ItAn easy user-interface with a great visual appeal is bound to motivate the employees to work upon it. Graphical presentation of facts and figures and mapping gives a good summary of the time spent by employees and thus helps in making quick decisions for tracking down the billable and non-billable time.

The software is compatible with mobile devices too and thus gives the users the flexibility to record their time through swipe/biometric systems, desktops, tablets or mobile phones.
Tracks time of the mobile workforce: Efficient time management of the mobile workforce often proves to be a herculean task. But not anymore, as our software is equipped to track the employees with their locations and thus it records the billable time of the employees.
Cloud computing technology: When cloud can take you places, why lag behind? We provide the software on cloud making sure that no compromise is made on the security.
Context Aware: This is a highly preferred feature these days and out time management solution comes embedded with it. Whether it is meeting, training or interviewing, know what your employees are up to!
Alerts & Analytics: The software goes beyond providing reports of the transactions and provides the important alerts to the concerned personnel about the transactions and events occurring, in the software.

Our software meets the demands of small, medium and large scale organizations as it has various configurations and parameters to record time and helps in making prompt decisions. It not only records time of the mobile workforce within the country but also in foreign locations while complying with the statutory obligations. So, the key to success is efficient time management and you can definitely achieve it with our software solution.