Payroll Services

Managed Payroll Services

With a large workforce scattered in different geographical locations, organizations require a payroll service that can efficiently meet their payroll processing requirements. They demand simple payroll services and software that is easy-to-use for both the employees and as well for the employers too. Moreover, they need a reliable company to which they can entrust the important task of payroll management. Taking these and other factors into consideration, Online24x7 offers an advanced with a simple user-interface payroll processing software. Outsourcing payroll managed services will reduce the expenses of managing your payroll activities.
It is a good idea to outsource the routine yet important task of Payroll management as it not only results in reduction of payroll management costs but leaves ample time to the management to focus on core processes that have a direct bearing on earning capability of the organization.
Our HCM on Cloud Managed services is a proven end-to-end solution which has been employed by a large number of organizations. The software manages activities such as Payroll processing, calculation of taxes, Time & Attendance and information related to Leave Management, Loans, Reimbursement and Claims and has a Self-Service feature too. It has a user-friendly browser and is a fine amalgamation of Business Analytics and a robust workflow.
Our experts have been providing payroll services to a large number of companies who seek simple, user-friendly HCM software with sophisticated technology. They assist organizations in adopting the self-service model which reduces the management cost of this service and gives users a simple, flexible user-interface with easy accessibility. Moreover the software promotes a certain level of transparency in the HR related processes.

Reap the benefits of our HCM on Cloud Services

Online24x7 offers Managed services of Payroll processing which provides a number of advantages to our clients. A large number of organizations are running our Payroll application.


  • Payroll Processing
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Statutory Compliance
    • Provident Fund
    • Employee State Insurance
    • Professional Tax / Labour Welfare Fund
  • Reimbursements Processing
  • Investments
  • Query resolution
  • Separation
  • Accounting
  • Employee Information:
    • E-Leave
    • E-Claims
    • E-Tax Declaration
    • E-Flexi-benefit plan
    • E-Payslip

Benefits of our Payroll Services

  • Organizations outsourcing payroll processing work can divert more time, energy and resources to planning and execution of strategic business activities.
  • Timely and accurate payment of pay slips to the employees. The software has the Self-Service electronic Pay Slip feature which allows employees to view or print their pay slip on their own.
  • The software is embedded with rich features and advanced technology that allow users to easily access high quality services accurately and at a greater speed.
  • Mile-stone based processes reduce the task of tracking of changing rules and regulations on a regular basis.
  • The software ensures that the entire payroll process meets the statutory requirements within the stipulated time period. Therefore companies are able to make payments to the concerned authorities without having to face any penalties.
  • Our HCM on Cloud software can be easily integrated to an array of system pertaining to the third party. Our clients can do so without making any changes in the existing systems and processes.

HCM on Cloud Benefits

Clients can go ahead with their expansion plans without any additional investment in terms of infrastructure, manpower and technology.
Software keeps the organization updated on process changes and statutory requirements.
The software facilitates process consistency and accuracy which is a result of the payroll processing automation process.
Our HCM on Cloud includes self-service options for employees namely Authorization, Re-routing and Escalation
Our software is a browser-based application which works on cloud technology. Therefore, the software is accessible from any system. There is no requirement of any components installation on the systems including their home PCs. Employees will be able to view only those functions to which they have been conferred rights upon.
Online24x7 is a ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000:2011 certified company
The software is embedded with high security features which secure confidential information.
Online24x7 serves 35 countries around the world and is rapidly increasing its presence.
Our HCM on Cloud software seamlessly integrates with other user applications based on SAP and Oracle. The software offers a flexible and a modular platform which facilitates easy integration.
With our software, you can gain access to user-defined customized reports and other adhoc reports with a quick turnaround time.