Manufacturing - Industry overview and trend

The manufacturing industry and IT systems have a strong association. A potent IT infrastructure is needed to ensure a smooth business process. An able IT infrastructure has the potential to reduce the latency between supply chain, marketing activities and customer feedback. However, there are a couple of challenges that the manufacturing industry needs to address on an urgent basis.
The first challenge is to make the manufacturing industry flexible to be more responsive to the customers’ demands. The other challenge is to gain efficiency with exchange of resources with other manufacturing plants. The main aim is to reduce the fixed costs involved in the processes and get maximum positive results from operational practices.

Online24x7 provides an Industry solution that provides a holistic working environment in which they can work with greater efficiency and make optimum utilization of their resources. Our software ensures that the Hr strategies are in tandem with the level of automation of different processes. When the processes become automatic, the HR personnel can devote more time training and encouragement of employees rather than on routine tasks. Incentives and rewards act as a catalyst in this manufacturing sector which is mostly labor intensive and thus HR personnel can focus on such activities that have a direct bearing upon the employees’ performance. Different programs and initiatives have been introduced in this sector such as 5S, TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean which help in improving the efficiency of the employees.

Obligations for HR


  • HR personnel have to enable employees to get acquainted with the supply Chain via different programs such as Job Rotation & Cross Training. Moreover, a training calendar is set up to maintain a regular training session.
  • HR personnel are required to assess the results of the training program and reward successful candidates.


  • Set up a employee-friendly payroll policy that addresses the different needs of the employees such as that of health, safety, social needs, overtime and other work-related risks.
  • Automate Time Management process for both the staff and put a reporting and payroll integration process in place.
  • Provide incentives to employees for their increased efficiency and marked improvement in their work performance.


  • Enable Self-Service to report life events.
  • Encourage employees to provide valuable feedback and suggestions and have reward system in place for the same.
  • Publicize the work of successful of employees among other employees through Social Media.


  • The HR department has to create a model of conduct for employees which is distinctive to a process center.
  • Audits and surprise checks on staff are conducted to make sure that they are compliant with the existing model of conduct.
  • Safety data needs to be collected and assessed.

HCM Solution


  • With the help of our manufacturing industry solution, employees can easily define manufacturing work centers as different project area. They can also track them separately.
  • Short-term roles can also be defined with clear-cut goals.
  • The HCM software solution has an efficient Time Management System which meets the requirement of every employment grade and takes shifts and rosters into consideration.
  • The software also manages the contingent and temporary workforce.
  • Management of employees’ conduct is automated through the software.


  • The software helps in Talent Management as it is able to record the results of formal audits and surprises checks.


  • The software proves to be highly beneficial in Employee Development as it able to choose successful employees and selects them by rotation.
  • Users can set up the training calendar and program, enroll employees, monitor their attendance, and capture their performance and feedback, thus automating the process of Training Administration.


  • The software addresses the payroll processing needs of different countries.
  • The manufacturing software covers a number of elements while managing payroll. Different factors are taken into consideration such as the volumes of production, roles performed, risks, legal settlements (unions), previous dues, life events of workers, overtime and technology.
  • Our HCM on cloud gives quick results as the entire payroll management process is automated.


  • The software is comprehensive in scope and therefore can be deployed anywhere. It can also be accessed from a mobile device.
  • It has an easy user interface pertaining to common user roles in the manufacturing industry. To make things easy for users data is presented in chart which facilitates quick analysis and leads to prompt decision making.
  • The software is equipped with the ‘Context Aware’ feature which ‘recognizes’ the user and his usage patterns.
  • The software recognizes the social usage patterns of the users.
  • Employees can put across their urgent matters through a Employee Survey feature.