Managed Travel Services

Managed Travel Services

Large scale business can be managed efficiently with the meticulously planned strategies which when put in into action yield the desired results. With a number of players in the market, the competition has risen to unprecedented levels. To stand apart from the crowd and face the competition in the market successfully, businesses need to focus on core processes that have a direct effect on the revenue generation processes. There’s absolutely no need to invest time in routine tasks that can be outsourced so that ample time is left to work upon core business activities.
Our HCM on Cloud is a web based employee travel and expense management services. The spend control process need to be streamlined so that savings can be gained and profit can be increased. Moreover, with the software, the reimbursement response time can be reduced and thus employees are motivated to work to the best of their capability as such when travel expense settlement is made in a short period of time; it results in employee satisfaction. This in turn increases the output and results in higher profit.

Online24x7 offers comprehensive Managed Travel Services software which yields the following benefits:-

  • The software assists the organizations in complying with the legislative and internal travel policies.
  • Reduction in Travel expenses
  • The software provided by us works on cloud computing technology thus, management of the reporting process becomes easy. Instant access across claims process can be gained with cloud technology which leads to transparency in the travel expense settlement and reimbursement process.
  • Provides an automated mail based travel approval which makes the travel process easy to put in place. Moreover it leads to reduction in travel expenditure.
  • Our Managed Travel services provide an easy user-interface which leads to employee satisfaction.

Services Offered


  • Instant Travel Request
  • Quick Travel Expense Settlement
  • Easy Approval Status Enquiry (Request and Expense)
  • Creation of Travel Expense Report


  • Provision of Travel Advance
  • Quick Expense Postings
  • Comparison of Travel Budget Vs Actual Report

HCM on Cloud Advantage

  • The software offers a platform which is easily configurable and can be upgraded any time. Thus, it can easily address the growing requirements of an organization which the need of any additional expense.
  • The software gets upgraded automatically with information of new product launches and improvements in the existing ones.
  • Provides a great amount of flexibility as the software can keep pace with the expansion plans of the organization.
  • Its acts as a single platform for product implementation.