IP3 Framework

HCM IP3 Framework

Earlier customers used their own technology platforms on which the vendors used to deliver services. But when legacy issues started cropping up, a sizable number of clients insisted that vendors should invest and use their own platforms and should deliver services through them. This growing demand led to the emergence of the IP3 Framework. IP3 stands for Infrastructure, Product, Process and People.
The IP3 framework is a unique and an innovative service delivery model which is being adopted by a large number of organizations. In this model the end to end processes are offered as ‘Managed Services’. This model uses the best business platforms for delivery services such as ERP, hosted, managed services. The responsibility of maintenance of the delivery service model is on the service provider.
In the IP3 framework, the model enables organizations to employ the best business practices in a particular domain and the same is delivered as services. The amalgamation of technology, process and people facilitates transformational value on a large scale. The IP3 framework uses the best and innovative technology and makes sure the process optimization is achieved.

The IP3 framework offers an amazing combination of technology, process excellence and human resources to the service provider which results in high quality service. The key factors that lead to the success of the IP3 framework are namely Reduced CAPEX, Multiple risk point’s mitigation, Complete SLAs, Delivery expertise, Business Process expertise and possession of an advanced delivery platform.
With the IP3 framework our clients can easily make the transition from the CAPEX to the OPEX model. Organizations can get savings approximately ranging from 20% to 40% on operational costs. It is noteworthy that these figures vary according to the level of an organization and where it stands on the process, human resource and technology scale.
Online24x7 is proud of the fact that it offers the innovative service delivery model of IP3 framework which is equipped to meet the demands of different functions of an organization such as HRO services, Payroll services , product development, application outsourcing etc.

Online24x7 is among the few companies across the globe that has the IP3 advantage. This service delivery models enables organizations to easily switch to different models from BPO to Licensing to Hosting. This flexibility gives an advantage to organizations to make an informed and right decision about the right solution. Similarly, right costing solution can be found accordingly.
We are a ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000:2011 certified company. Since our inception, we continue to strive for excellence in providing effective solutions for the implementation of information security services and their continuous development. We employ a strategic and systematic approach towards managing confidential information so that it is kept safe and secure and covers the IP3 framework.
We take pride in the fact that we develop our HCM on Cloud software while being compliant with the ISO and CMMI standards for BPO services. Our BPO’s for SAS 70 compliance is checked by reputed auditors on a periodic basis. Thus, the HRO services and Payroll services offered by us are completely secure, thereby; we are able to protect sensitive information of our clients.