Employee Development

Employee Development

Online24x7 offers Employee Development Solution that focuses on the training and development process of the employees. It takes care of different functions such as that of maintaining faculty, maintenance of training schedules, recording the participant activity of the employees, recording the feedback of the faculty and the participants. We fully realize the fact that each employee is different and the training requirement differs according to the job role and responsibilities, hence, we offer an employee management software model that differs with job requirements and employees competencies.

Our employee management software takes care of competency management by dividing competencies on the basis of three parameters, namely, Knowledge, Skill and Attributes. Our Employee Competency Model consists of these aforementioned three attributes which are applied to different job positions. Thus, with this model, employees are given positions in the organization on the basis of the competency profile match. With this model, the HR department can easily identify the gaps between the level required and the assessed level of competencies for a job position and further make suggestions on the steps that should be taken to bridge this gap.

Our software helps HR personnel in Employee Training Administration. It helps in the identification of the right type of training required for employees by making a comparison between their job requirements and their competencies. In fact, the mismatches are identified between the same and further the training required is identified for the employee. Moreover, qualification gaps are also identified for training. The software helps in the planning, administration and equip the employees with the right kind of skills they require to increase their efficiency.

The software assists in efficient employee reward management. It helps in creating the best reward programs to motivate employees. All is needed to be done is to type in the gamification framework in the software. Employee(s) of the month is identified and the reward programs are linked with Payroll for cash rewards. Thus, Employee award management is done with great ease.