Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

The Banking & Financial industry has been severely affected by the economic downturn in the global economy. The financial performance has gone down and since then, the industry is struggling hard to regain its strong position in the volatile economic environment. It has to deal with more regulations and has to lay more emphasis on risk management. To emerge from the economic crises the BFSI industry requires a considerable improvement in operational efficiency. Further, it requires an efficient workforce that can achieve the targets and goals. Thus, Human Capital needs to be managed in the best possible way. Our BFSI industry solutions assist in streamlining the HR processes and enables superior management of the human capital employed in the industry.
The BFSI industry is more concerned about the risk associated with the volume of transactions and certain values involved in the transactions. This requires a talented workforce that is able to estimate the risks involved. It is noteworthy that the higher the risk, the more caution needs to be taken when hiring personnel for handling the big risks. Items such as statement of Professional Purpose, Performance History, Credit History, Criminal History, Banking Association Opinion, Professional & Social Connections, Life Events and Affiliations represent value.
The BFSI industry is that it needs have comprehensive Contingency Plans to deal with emergencies. The industry should focus on global markets and keep pace with new rules and regulations that have an effect on profiling and incentivising. Today, the BFSI industry is laying the required emphasis on customer service and efforts are made to upgrade IT systems. It is now focusing more on reducing processing time in transactions with more usage of IT services and systems. Moreover, with the increased use of technology, performance and positive behaviour of the workforce can be identified easily and thus rewarded promptly. This is possible with our HCM on Cloud software. Our Banking HCM software addresses all these requirements of the BFSI industry and improves the various processes involved.

Obligations of HR


  • The HR has to provide a detailed profile & verification of the candidates.
  • Training & Administration of the employees are done through Job Rotation & Cross Training.
  • The HR should take care that regular skill up gradation is done in accordance with the changing regulations by setting up a calendar.
  • It is the responsibility of the HR department to instill a performance-based culture and reward employees for right behaviour and adherence to corporate values.
  • Set up a definite model of business conduct and make employees learn how to interact with customers.
  • Set up targets of financial products and monitor the progress and achievements.


  • Set up a payroll structure that can deal with benefits, especially the variable ones.
  • Time Management, reporting and payroll integration process should be automated.
  • Recognize employees who have achieved their targets and reward them accordingly.
  • Cater to the issues of the workforce scattered at different locations/branches.


  • HR departments should enable Self-Service for Life Event Reporting.
  • HR personnel are required to suggest new schemes that can shape up as projects.
  • Create reward and incentive models to encourage the employees.


  • Create a practical model of conduct for employees, which suits the requirement of the Financial Services industry.
  • Ensure that the employees are complying with the given model of conduct through audits and surprise checks.

BFSI Industry Solutions – Financial & Banking HCM Software


  • Our HCM on Cloud software provides a facility to clearly define branches and products, and track them appropriately.
  • The HCM software provides a Time Management system which addresses the requirements of staff designated at different hierarchical levels.
  • The software improves Employee Relations processes by automating the Grievances and Disciplinary action.
  • It provides efficient management of transfers, deputations and postings.
  • The software is equipped to track absence of employees easily.


  • Our HCM solution creates a customized onboarding process.


  • With the help of our BFSI Industry Solution, Talent Managers in the industry can manage the Behavioural Appraisal process easily. They can get the results of a surprise check or a formal audit on the employee’s model of conduct.
  • The software is embedded with Competency Models which the HR can use to define model business conduct and skills for particular job profiles.


  • Our Financial HCM Software provides an easy Training Administration, which enables users to set up the training calendar and the program, enrols employees, monitor their attendance, and analyse their performance and feedback.
  • With the help of the software, managers can easily identify competent employees and create a reward program t to which the results are linked to the payroll processing system.


  • Our Banking HCM Software provides a comprehensive payroll processing system which is customised for different countries. It meets the various statutory compliances of over 45 countries.
  • Our HCM solution is easily configurable and offers greater flexibility for managing Payroll elements, including flexible benefits.
  • Our software is highly advanced which makes the entire payroll processing system automatic. It has a built-in engine that offers quick computation results.


  • The software is vast in scope and covers different user activities.
  • The HCM solution can be accessed from mobile devices too.
  • The software has an easy user-interface. The required data are presented in charts for an enabling employees to make a quick analysis and take prompt action.
  • The software is built-in with the ‘Context Aware’ feature which recognizes a particular user’s usage pattern.
  • The software system recognizes social activities of its employees, if the policies permit it.
  • Our BFSI-Industry Solution has the Employee Survey feature which enables employees to express their concern to Talent Managers.