Aviation - Industry overview and trend

The Aviation industry comprises of key players like Agents, Carriers, MRO Service Providers, and Fleet Operators. All these service providers have a different role to play in reducing the AOG (Aircraft On-The-Ground) Time. Needless to say, in doing so, aircrafts need to operate at full capacity and run in accordance with the schedules. But, the aviation industry, like any other industry has its own share of challenges which it needs to counteract with precision. The main problems that the industry faces are the varying prices of fuel, delays and cancellation of flights caused by bad weather. Moreover, the industry has to work in a high regulatory environment and always operate while complying the rules and regulations laid down by the FAA and other authorities. It also has to work hard on aircraft maintenance and simultaneously keep labour costs under control. Another key challenge is to offer an excellent customer service in order to get repeat customers.
Therefore, among various complex tasks, managing the human capital is of paramount importance. The role of this factor of production in the aviation industry is very important. The aviation industry comprises of the distinct workforce in which the targets are completely different and the competency model also varies. Although, all the employees work to achieve the objectives and goals set by the flight companies in the long run, but the targets on a daily basis are different. Citing the example of the cabin crew, staff and the ground staff of the Ticketing department, the difference can be understood in a better manner. The competency of the former lies in their capability to be more hospitable to the clients, while the latter has to focus more on speeding up the ticketing process and exhibit a courteous attitude while dealing with the clients. It is noteworthy that cockpit crew behaviour is laid down by the FAA and the crew has to act in accordance with its regulations. The behaviour model of the particular airline too needs to follow in order to position the airline brand in a pre-decided way among clients. Thus, each talent pool has to be handled and managed in a different way.
The employment models too differ as a part of the workforce is hired on a contractual basis and outsourcing the recruiting function is also considered feasible by flight operators.
Thus, the aviation industry needs to have a Human Capital Management system that efficiently caters to the different characteristics of the workforce employed. Online24x7 provides Aviation industry solutions through their highly advanced HCM on Cloud software that helps the industry in better management of its human resource.

Obligations of HR


  • Maintenance of a resource inventory and keep a pipeline of suitable candidates for urgent.
  • Create flexible employment contracts pertaining to incoming business and enforce them with great efficiency.
  • Make an accurate assessment of the liability of the workforce and asset generation capability in future.
  • Conduct Job Rotation & Cross Training of employees to give them a better understanding of the business functions.
  • Monitor asset utilization and optimize employees’ performance accordingly.
  • Create a pathway for employees filled with opportunities to grow professionally.
  • Address multiple workforce types, including temporary, permanent, and contingent.


  • HR personnel have to set up a variety of compensation structures which covers Flexi-benefits to client invoice based pay-scales.
  • The HR department has to automate Time Management for staff, and link the same to payroll/client invoice, including shifts and overtimes.
  • Most importantly, the HR have to link performance to incentive pay.
  • HR should efficiently manage and address the different complexities of distributed workforce across multiple clients and locations.


  • The HR department needs to provide Self-Service service to the employees.
  • Conducting surveys measuring the level of employee satisfaction.


  • Set up a model of conduct for employees, befitting the needs of the Services Industry.
  • Better staff management by conducting audits and surprise checks on staff to ensure compliance with this model of conduct.

HCM Solution


  • Management of expatriation and relocation
  • HCM Time Management system is tailored for all employment grades
  • Employee Relations processes such as Grievances and Disciplinary action enable the automation of employee conduct
  • The software makes tracking of absence possible


  • Create a customized on-boarding process


  • Our Aviation industry solution maintains license details and endorsements for Maintenance Staff & Pilots.
  • Talent Managers can measure the results of surprise checks & formal audit based on an employee’s model of conduct with the Behavioural Appraisal Process.
  • The solution provides different Competency Models to dictate the model business conduct and skills for each talent pool.


  • The software assists HR personnel in Training & Employee Administration. HR department can easily set up the training calendar program, enrol for certification programs, monitor attendance, and store feedback.
  • The HCM software enables talent Managers in identifying and rewarding successful performers and link results to Payroll.


  • The payroll processing feature is equipped with country-specific statutory compliances.
  • The software is highly configurable and addresses Rotational Payroll too, while catering to the payroll processing requirements of different countries.
  • The software is equipped with a high processing engine which provides quick results.
  • Our Aviation Industry solution software solution makes the payroll processing, automatic and advanced. It computes Pilots/Engineers’ Flight Pay, based on Journey logs.


  • Online24x7’s HCM on Cloud software solution is wide in scope.
  • The software is compatible with different mobile devices.
  • The software has an easy user-interface created specifically to the common user roles in the industry. To assist employees in making a quick analysis of the information, the data are presented as a chart.
  • Our HCM on Cloud comes with the Context Aware feature with user pattern recognition capability.
  • The software enables employees to make their concerns known to the Human Resource Managers through the ‘Employee Survey’ feature.