From placentas to mucous plugs to bodily fluids galore

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replica prada nylon bags Facebook Twitter Pinterest InstagramThe two most common questions women have about labor are, when will it start? and, how much will it hurt? The answer to both: Who knows? Fortunately, there are replica bags manila plenty of answers to other questions we all have but are afraid to ask because they seem silly, scaryor downright gross. From placentas to mucous plugs to bodily fluids galore, here’s what you always wanted to know about childbirth but were too mortified replica bags online shopping india to mention.Sign up for the Pregnancy Planner for daily tips to help you along the next nine months and track your progress!What if my water breaks in public?First off, only about one in four women experience their water breaking prior to the onset of labor, notes Buxton. And if you suspect that you’re in labor, you probably won’t be heading out to get your hair cut or browse for antiques.Even if your water does break unexpectedly, your amniotic fluid is more likely to leak out slowly than to gush down your legs like a raging river replica prada nylon bags.

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