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Sales and Shipping

Ensure the Longevity of Your Business by Keeping Your Sales Function Healthy.


We, at Online24x7, provide comprehensive SCM Sales & Shipping software which streamlines the sales and shipping function. The software solution not only helps organizations in managing domestic businesses but also assists in managing global operations and businesses as well. It is embedded with multi-currency and multi-currency handling features.

Being comprehensive in nature, the software solution supports sales functions which are spread over different geographical locations. Business functions such as ordering, shipping, invoicing and receiving locations are dealt with great efficiency.

Our ERP for Sales and Shipping is well-integrated with various other business activities such as that of marketing, inventory, finance and production. It gives a 360 degree view of different functions involved in the completion of the sales & shipping process ranging from order to cash process, identification of sales opportunities, speeding up cash collection process and create strategies taking the customer into consideration.

Lead Management (Ensure Effective Lead Management-Gain Trust of the Prospect.)

SCM Sales

Our ERP for Sales & Shipping assists organizations in keeping a track of customer contacts, right from spotting the opportunity to the closure of the deal. Capturing of all the details helps in a thorough analysis of the relationship with the customers which further ensure a long association with them. This feature proves to be useful in grabbing sales opportunities. The sales & shipping departments can efficiently set controls and keep a track on sales opportunity activities in an attempt to acquire and retain customers.

Order Management (Ensure Customer Delight.)

SCM Sales

Our SCM Order Management software feature facilitates sale order management. Organizations can raise orders which include quotation base orders and helps to manage the orders with great ease. It efficiently manages the entire order process. The concerned staff can handle direct orders and assignment orders. Other details such as pending orders, shipments made and those which are pending can be easily tracked. Payments can also be handled with great ease. Customer advance can be raised and advance received can also be recorded.

The shipping process can be completely centralized and decentralized with the help of our order management solution. Important information such as that of inspection details, shipment preferences etc. can be and keep a track of daily sales and inspection details. Moreover, with our software real-time information can be gained with shipments, credit history/worthiness of clients, invoices made etc.

  • Our software helps in managing and servicing orders with complete accuracy.
  • All pending shipments can be tracked easily and service orders without any discrepancies.
  • The record payment status for all orders can be tracked with ease.

Shipment Operations (Impress the Customer with the Efficacy of Your Order Shipment Process.)

SCM Sales

Our SCM Shipping & Sales operation software assists in handling various details such as planning for shipments and delivering of the goods at the door step of the customers. The software enables to have a centralized shipping operations process and makes customer serving a smooth process. It makes the process of carrying out different operations an easy task.

  • Establish a centralized control over all shipping operations.
  • Efficient planning can be done to deliver goods to consumers within the stipulated time period.
  • The software has an easy-to-use interface which helps in creating pack slip. Other functions include allocation and issuing of materials from the warehouse, shipping them and delivering them to the customers’ premises.

Exports (Take Your Business Offerings To The World.)

SCM Sales

There are various pre-shipment and post-shipment features in our ERP software for Sales & Shipping which include documentary credit details, , pro-forma & commercial invoice, calculations of FOB value, SB/GR Reconciliation, bill of lading details etc.

  • Ensure that the organizations has a global footprint.
  • The ERP software makes sure that the orders, big or small, are exported with great efficiency.
  • The software assists in handling export formalities easily.

After-Sales Service (Make Sure Your Customer Stays Loyal.)

SCM Sales

Our SCM After-Sales Service feature helps organizations in efficiently handling the after-sales service of the clients. The numerous tools assist organizations in dealing with customer complaints, carrying out AMS-Annual Maintenance Services, replacement of faulty products etc.

  • The After-sales feature helps in efficiently addressing the consumer complaints and grievances on a timely basis.
  • It ensures that the organizations are able to retain customers and maintain a long association with their clients .

Customer Portal (Bring your Customers Closer.)

SCM Sales

With our SCM Shipping & Sales Customer Portal, clients can get detailed information about their orders and order status, billing, payment and shipment status. This information is provided in real time and customers can easily manage all the information about their accounts easily.

  • With the Customer portal, clients can gain information about the supply chain. They can easily place orders and know about the follow up on order status.
  • Customers can easily access information about their orders and related details anytime and anywhere.
  • Control to the information can be customized.
  • The software makes customers’ independent as they can easily log-in to their accounts and manage it.
  • The customer portal ensure better servicing to the clients.
  • It facilitates a transparent communication system between the organization and the customers.