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Project Management

Connect. Control. Collaborate. Conquer


Project Managers are always on their toes so that they are able to deliver the desired results within the stipulated time period. There are numerous challenges that the project managers face, namely, tight deadlines, timely communication hassles, variable costs, seeking transparency in operational functions etc. To meet these challenges, a large number of organizations are realizing the importance of project management and project planning. They require an effective project management solution that can provide them with an effective way which can automate the entire project management process.

Organizations want a solution that not only automates the project management process but also helps in managing the costs. Online24x7 offers a complete automated ERP for project management solution which offers operational excellence. The software is equipped with advance technologies in terms of kills, tools, knowledge and operational techniques which assist project managers to yield better results. They can handle and manage projects in a highly efficient manner simultaneously keeping a successful control over the cost.

Our ERP for Project Profitability assists Project managers in achieving excellence in planning and administration of the project management tasks and resources. With the help of the software solution, performance can be easily evaluated and comparisons can be made with the goals and objectives as decided earlier. Project-wise profitability report can be generated through different cost centers associates with various projects/sub projects.

Our project management solution offers users the ease of integration with our applications such as Procurement, Sales and Finance. The software solution can also be easily integrated with Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Software. It also facilitates in Project scheduling. ERP users are provided Login ID, password of every project.

Our Project Planning & Management solution addresses the market needs in the best possible manner and facilitates an efficient Project Management & Accounting solution.

Project Administration (Ensure Resource Visibility & Project Security.)


This component of our ERP Project Management software solution is equipped with all the required features that define record and administer details about resources used in the completion of a project. There are different features available which define codes used for recording resources. These resources are both human capital and machinery. The software incorporates user-defined requirements and defines tasks related to the completion of the projects. This project management software can also map users to the project and thus provide the required level of security. Unauthorized access can be prevented with this feature.

  • Projects can be executed efficiently and resources can be administered in a better manner.
  • The features enable to record and define all the major resources in the project.
  • Access rights can be defined for the users which prevents any unauthorized access.

Project Planning (Avoid Unpleasant Surprises. Plan Well.)


Planning is crucial to the success of any project. Our ERP Project Management software solution enables project managers to meticulously plan a project. Various elements of the project can be well-defined and sub-projects can also be planned sequentially. Users can record the type of tasks which need to be performed and the details of the activities performed. The Unit of Measure-UOM and the output quantity of a particular project and work area can be maintained easily.

Material requirement /resource requirement for different projects and work break down structures can be clearly defined. Work plan can also be broken down in step-by-step which makes project planning an easy and less-consuming task.

  • Advance project planning can be done preventing resource wastage.
  • Planned sequence of the tasks can be done with the help of software. The various tasks of a project/sub project can be efficiently planned.
  • Tasks can be recorded which are required to be subcontracted through the same window of the module.

Project Tracking (Have a Tight Grip over the Project Developments.)


Our ERP for Project Tracking helps project managers in tracking all the resources and the performances of the team involved in the completion of a project. The performance can be mapped against the pre-decided goals and objectives. Thus, real performance and efforts can be measured accurately. An effective analysis can also be made in context with the achieving milestones or important goals that have a huge bearing on the profitability of the company in the long run. The progress can be traced with great efficiency and users can know about the risks associated with the project, thereby enabling them in setting up realistic goals. Moreover, details pertaining to the issues resolved and risks undertaken in order to successfully complete a project are also analyzed with the help of the ERP for Project Tracking software. The evolvement of the contingency plans and the mitigation plans and the related information is also maintained. The status of the project can also be updated from time-to-tome.

  • Project progress, resource performance, achievements can be recorded and details can be tracked easily.
  • Actual results can be compared to the expected results which help in a thorough performance analysis.
  • Risks associated with a project can be defined and plans to deal with them can be created.

Project Billing (Classify Cost Centers.)


Projects can be classified into various categories based upon their nature, size and other elements. Whether it is generic in nature or small/big in size, billable or non-billable, all these factors are considered to classify different projects.

Online24x7 offers a smart ERP for Project Management solution which defines costs centers which are related to the project. In this module too, business activities such as billing can also be measured and compared. For instance, Billing & Payable milestones can be set. Further planned and expected revenues can be recorded; revenue and profit distribution details can be recorded and can be compared to the milestones/parameters set. These milestones are further compared to the project cost centers and subsequently invoices are created.

  • Easy & accurate calculation of the entire cost incurred in the project. Classified costs are taken into consideration and factors such as task, milestones, resources etc. are calculated and compared.
  • Cost centers can be defined and billable & non-billable elements can be recorded, calculated & compared.

Project Accounting (Account for Every Penny Spent.)


Our ERP for Project Management assists Project Managers in mapping cost groups account codes for the purpose of bringing together project expenses and income. This module facilitates in recording account based project budgets. The various elements in project budgets can be defined such as Account Code, Finance Book, Financial year and project code. The software solution helps in fund management. The source of the funds received, amount received, its allocation details (whether the entire amount is being optimally utilized for the whole of the project or whether it is being used to address the financial requirement of a particular activity of the project.

  • Project budgets and their allocation can be clearly defined.
  • Expenses and income can be consolidated.
  • Account based project budgets can be created.
  • Fund allocation can be clearly defined as to whether it is being used completely or partially for the completion of the project.

Project Profitability (Know the Profit Gains or Dips.)


Our ERP for Project Management can software helps in analyzing the profitability of the projects and sub-projects. Measuring the profitability of the project is very crucial as only when the project is found to be financially feasible, only then, a unanimous decision to start off the project is undertaken by an organization. The ERP for Project Profitability software solution leverages the cost centers in Project Accounting. The overall performance of the project can be calculated based upon different factors such as the task, resources and by comparing actual expenses, revenue and profitability to the forecasted ones. Moreover, profitability percentage can also be calculated.

  • Profitability of projects can be ascertained accurately according to the tasks done and resources employed.
  • A thorough comparison can be made between actual expenses and planned expenses, actual revenue generated and forecasted revenue and between actual profitability gained against the planned profitably for the project.