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Process Control

Drive Excellence across Business Processes.


The market has become highly competitive which has drove business to push the envelope further and achieve optimal productivity. Manufacturing business houses and energy utilities are being improved tremendously so that entrepreneurs can survive in the growing competition engulfing the market on a regular basis. They are working upon ideas and innovative methods that can bring down the cost of operations. Also, they want to ensure asset availability while maintaining the product quality. Apart from meeting these challenges, organizations also have to work upon achieving various other objectives such as optimal fuel consumption, increasing the levels of operational safety and reducing pollution. To achieve these objectives, organizations needs to have an advanced software solution such as that of ERP for Process Control.

We, at Online24x7 offer an ERP for Process Optimization to counteract upon these challenges and assist in simplifying the complexities involved in the production processes. Big industries with complex production process are fast realizing the need of an enhanced process control system. We address this requirement of the manufacturing & utilities industries by offering an advance process control software solution.

Our ERP for Process Control is based upon a proven technology platform which brings the desired results in process management. Our software solution is smart and is embedded with artificial intelligence that churns out quick and relevant information. The built-in knowledge is highly integrated with processes and equipment.

Our software solution helps the manufacturing and utilities industries such as chemical, cement, fertilizer, power to make optimum use of their resources and achieve optimum performance of their plants to yield a high level of productivity. The solution helps these industries in successfully meeting all the challenges faced in the production processes in terms of technology, environmental issues and contractual obligations. The ERP for Process control comprises of user-friendly tools and technologically advanced features that are capable of continuously adapting to the changing conditions.

Our ERP for Process Optimization will prove to be a potent tool for your business that will assist in optimizing business processes in an easy manner.

Our ERP for Process Control:


We offer a highly advanced ERP for Process Optimization solution that improves productivity of the plant to a considerable extent. It brings a lot of efficiency in the production process and of the manufacturing/utilities industries, thereby increasing the output. Online control via technology such as Regression Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic and advance models leads to a drastic improvement in the operational processes.

The result is the desired optimization solutions that improve plant productivity and efficiency in the cement industry, power, chemical and fertilizers industry. Moreover, the solution stabilizes processes and ensures that a consistent quality is maintained throughout the production process. Emphasis is also laid on reducing the operational costs while achieving optimum efficiency in processes. The software solution also prevents any loss occurring due to human error.

Our ERP for Process control is highly advanced, yet it is simple to use. With an easy-to-use interface and no computer coding, the concerned staff can easily use it to achieve the best possible results. Organizations can easily plug-in the relevant techniques as and when there is a requirement for the operations.

  • The software solution helps in the improvement of plant productivity and overall effiency in the manufacturing & utilities industries.
  • Maintain a consistent quality of the product.
  • Reduce operational costs and stabilize the processes.

Real Time Integrator (RTI) (Get a Firm Grip Over Your Process Control Mechanism.)


Process Control is one the highly important business functions, specially, in the manufacturing and the utility industries. Our software solution is embedded with an invaluable feature called Real Time Integrator which helps organizations in seamlessly integrating the production process in real time. The software is laced with different automation and real-time performance measurement systems via an open interface. The interface can be linked to different plant control systems such as that of DCS-Distributed Control Systems, PLC-Programmable Logic controller, vibration analysis devices, hand-held data collectors etc.

This module of our ERP enhanced Process Control software enables business organizations in accurate data collection, thereby, removing any kind of error occurring due to discrepancies in manual entry.

  • Our software solution facilitates an improved process control by improving the existing plant control systems.
  • Acts as an interface gateway between different business functions such as that of Operations, Quality Control, Inventory Management and various real-time systems.
  • Enables continuous online data capturing and recording across different production processes.