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Know about your Inventory across the supply chain


Our Inventory Management System software helps organizations in keeping a vigilant track of the stock and inventory. The software assists companies in efficiently managing their stock with the help of advanced tools. There are a set of built-in components that keep a track of all the activities related to inventory management. Not only the software gives users a real-time visibility of the stock but also helps them in taking correct and prompt decisions in terms of procurement of the stock and in efficiently managing it.

Item Administration (Explore Multiple Ways to Classify and Group Items in Your Inventory.)

ERP for Inventory

Each item in the inventory can be easily tagged, classified and analyzed with the help of our ERP for Inventory. Item management becomes an easy task with the software. This module helps in classifying items, creating a valuation method and performs other functions such as allocation, configuring a kit item, setting up a valuation method, identification of suppliers, defining prices and grouping items for elaborate analysis.

  • Facilitates easy planning and classification of items.
  • Grouping of items in different categories for the purpose of inventory management and control.
  • Gain real-time visibility of inventory levels.

Warehousing (For Smart Warehousing & Management of In-house Supply Chain.)

ERP for Inventory

Our software provides assistance to organizations in achieving smart warehousing. With the help of the software, supply chain activities can be executed in the best possible manner. It gives the warehouse manager, a complete access control. The stock can be easily managed over different time zones. Multi-level warehouses can be configured with each zone. Each transaction is assigned to a particular time zone and default zones can be set saving time and energy. The quality of the information remains intact and various activities can be performed with precision with the data accumulated. Stock Transfers, Stock status conversion, determination of stocking point, stock levels etc. can be known in an easy manner with the help of our software.

  • Provides instant information about serial management, resetting of lots, their expiry dates etc.
  • Keeps a vigilant track of movement of goods in and out of the organization.
  • Real-time visibility of the supply chain is ensured.
  • The software provides access controls in the warehouses.
  • Track stock and inventory levels accurately.
  • Speeds up the process of supply chain and helps in its efficient management.

Inventory Planning (Ensure Lean, Yet, Perfectly Adequate Inventory Levels.)

ERP for Inventory

Our software helps in inventory planning and in execution of related tasks with great efficiency. Master Production schedule, Material Requirements Planning and activities such as reorder planning & minimum-maximum planning can be done with great efficiency. Lead times can be recorded for purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and shipment. The ERP for Inventory churns out plans to achieve optimum utilization of resources.

  • An assessment of the stock requirements can be made with precision, thus preventing wastage of resources.
  • The required level of inventory can be maintained.
  • Overhead costs related to inventory and its quantification can be known and the best decisions can be taken in their regard.

Quality management (Keep Vigil on the Quality of Your Inventory Items.)

ERP for Inventory

The process of quality management can be easily integrated with sales & purchase and with Inventory Management and Production Management. Localization of factors in items such as Control Factors, Control Points can be managed and controlled effortlessly. Moreover, inspection plans for the highly important process of quality control in Quality Management can be done with great ease. The basis of the quality inspection can be quantitative and qualitative values of items upon which tests need to be carried out. After the quality inspection, the feedback is sent to the concerned department and analyzed to know about the probable reasons for the success or failure of the quality test.

Our software can also be integrated with the Material Safety Data Sheets which is required for the movement of hazardous materials.

  • Parameters can be defined to ensure a strict and rigorous quality control.
  • The best quality is ensured which helps in reducing the task of reworks and minimizes the number of rejections.

Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting (Get an Accurate View of the Inventory.)

ERP for Inventory

Our Inventory Management System helps in getting an accurate view of the inventory. Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting principles can be put into practice. Various activities such as creating physical tags at warehouses, generating print-outs of the activities performed & data collected, creating plans for Physical inventory inspection stock adjustment and revaluation etc, can be done with utmost ease.

  • Validation of physical and system recorded stock levels.
  • Recording data related to the fluctuation in stocks and further making adjustments to ensure that the correct levels of inventory are maintained.

Inventory Analysis (Ensure Your Warehouses are Stocked Right.)

ERP for Inventory

Inventory analysis is very important to ensure that the organization is equipped with the right level of stock to meet the requirements of the clients and to ensure a continuous production process. Optimum inventory levels can be maintained by using different analysis methods.

  • Analysis of inventory level by using various inventory analysis methods.
  • Improvement of service levels and efficiently meeting the requirements of the clients.
  • Future stock requirement of stock can be ascertained