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Asset Management Solution

Reliable Profits from Reliable Assets.

Has Your Asset Management Solution Delivered the Desired Value Yet?  

It is quite a challenge for capital intensive industries to gain pre-determined growth and get the desired rate on investment in a regular basis. Businesses are able to deliver consistently only when they have a good asset performance. It is important to analyze that Asset Life Cycle Management and Asset Performance Management is giving the organizations real time visibility on the performance of the assets.

But it has been seen that such a review is provided by the conventional EAM –Enterprise Asset Management Solution. The primary reason for such inadequacy is that it is complex in nature and difficult in implementation. Moreover, with complex models, people are discouraged to use and also the cost in implementation is huge.

We, at Online24x7, offer a comprehensive Asset Planning & Budgeting solution that has an easy-to-use interface and comes with advanced tools. It uses the technology of cloud computing giving users the numerous benefits of cloud technology. Our software solution is tailored made for a large number of industries. Our clients come from Manufacturing industry, Real Estate, Power & Energy industry, Aviation, Process plants etc.

Our ERP for Enterprise Asset Management solution is easy-to-use interface and is comprehensive in nature. It is flexible and offers great computing speed. The solution is cost-efficient as organizations are able to reap the economies of scale provided by cloud computing technology.

The main concern of EAM solution not addressing the real-time visibility of assets and their performance is also taken into consideration by the software. It gives real-time visibility of the asset performance and analyses the true standing of business in relation to their assets. Implementation of the software is much easier and within a short period of time, it starts yielding results.

Financial View

•Capital Asset Planning & Budgeting
•Asset Capitalization, Depreciation, Revaluation, and retirement / Depreciation Simulation
•Asset Insurance
•Maintenance Budgeting and Review

Pre-Commision View or Project View

•Integrated Project Management

Operations or Production View

•TPM / Notifications / Operations Log Book / Operating Parameters and MIS
•Integration with DCS/SCADA/Telematics/Telemetry
•Permit Management & Safety
•Comprehensive Asset Registry
•Maintenance Planning, Forecasting & Review

Maintenance View

•Maintenance Budgeting, Allocation & Review
•Comprehensive Asset Registry
•Maintenance Strategies
•Work Management
•Real-Time Condition Monitoring
•Lubrication Program
•MRO Supply Chain
•Turnaround Maintenance Management (Managing Shutdowns)
•Human Resource Management

Business Performance View

•Budget, and variance analysis
•Asset Availability and Capacity Utilization / Asset Performance Analysis /Asset Reliability
•Maintenance Planning, Forecasting & Review

Safety and Environment View

•Permit Management & Safety / LOTO (lock out/tag out) / Hazards and Precautions
•Emission Parameter Tracking / Emission Scorecard