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Expand the reach of your enterprise solutions


Today, organizations have to maintain a proactive communication system that enables them to be connected with various parties-customers, suppliers, partners etc. round the clock. Having a robust interconnected business environment helps management to build a strong communication network that proves to be highly useful while taking business decisions.

It is important to have a cost-efficient communication system in place- an ERP for Connector Documentation that facilitates a smooth communication and helps the organization in achieving its goals and objectives. Both the internal and external business processes should be integrated, automated and streamlined in order to gain a complete control over the communication system in the enterprise. Businesses require a solution that can be easily integrated within the existing applications and which supports the advanced integration capabilities. It should be flexible and should easily adapt to the dynamic business environment. The solution should ensure that all business processes work in tandem so that the organization is able to achieve its goals and objectives.

We, at Online24x7, offer a robust web services platform-an ERP for Connector Documentation that can be easily integrated with the all our ERP applications across various industries. The solution is based upon the best industry practices and adheres to the stringent industry standards. Built upon enterprise bus engine technology, the solution connects a large number of ERP applications with enterprise applications and EDI-Ecommerce interfaces.

Our ERP for Connectors can be provided through cloud computing technology and can also be deployed onsite.

Enterprise Service Workbench (Break Service Boundaries.)


The need of the hour is to put a seamless communication system in place to make the service boundaries of different applications uniform. Our software solution converts the native web pages to enterprise web pages taking different factors into consideration such as the format, terminology and the documentation.

  • The software solution makes use of the existing framework to convert native services into appropriate industry formats.
  • Taking into consideration the business process needs, the software solution chooses the operations and parameters.

Integration Workbench (Intuitive Mapping.)


Our ERP for Connectors provides intuitive mapping on different formats. It enables transformation of messages, routing and data services in numerous formats such as text files, Web services (SOAP & XML) etc. The software comprises of an intuitive drag and drop mapping tool for the purpose of rule base data mapping across services.

  • The software allows rule based transformation with the intuitive drag and drop feature.
  • It displays the online status of the message transformation and errors with the help of a graphical dashboard.
  • The software facilitates a smooth integration development process work flow for testing, design, deployment and monitoring.