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Our Analytics

Get benefits from the power of Analytics, forecast the future


Online24x7 provides a robust ERP for Analytics which as a competent business tool that assist in making prompt and accurate business decisions. Business organizations can get a complete view of the business performance and gives users a critical insight into the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to which assist in ‘Measuring, Monitoring and Managing’ your business goals and growth.

Our Analytics is embedded with KPIs which enable us to keep a track of goals (Management By Objectives) at various levels in the organization. KPIs across strategic, tactical and operational layers of your business can be cascaded and assists in creating a cause-effect relationship between KPIs to visualize correlation between different events. The software comprises of Analytics which is equipped with powerful and dynamic Analysis Work Bench to get a comprehensive querying and drilldowns. This activity in the ERP for Analytics provides a smooth point ‘n’ click navigation, which starts from the highest level aggregates to transaction level details, according to the user’s choice.

The software generates automated, rule driven alerts to the top management via e-mail and mobile s (management by exception). The solution is embedded with powerful and interactive graphics engine for data visualizations which assist in quick decision making.

The ERP offers a functional alignment of people, processes and technology across different business functions like Sales, Finance, Procurement, HCM, Inventory and Production. The required tools are present in the software which gives a complete view of important business information which helps the management to gauge the performance of the business in an elaborate manner. The strategic information is presented in a systematic manner which helps the organization in taking highly informed decisions.

FINANCIAL ANALYTICS (Get smart insights into important data)


Our Financial Analytics ERP comprises of different types of analyses tools that give a true assessment of the financial condition of the company. Querying facility is available that helps in ascertaining financial ratios, perform Cost-Profitability analysis at Division / Organization Unit / Cost Center levels. With the help of the software solution, the business organization can analyze and forecast cash flows; view the status of Working Capital, Receivables and Payables ageing, Budget Variances etc.

The software consists of a varied Analysis Workbench allows analyzing the financial figures in light of all the relevant organizational attributes like cost center and finance book, and allows you to track financial trends over time. This can be done at aggregate levels or you can even drill-down to the transaction level.

  • The software helps in the assessment of the financial condition of the organization with the help of the in-depth querying facility.
  • The Financial ERP helps managers to keep a track of the financial trends over a period of time.
  • The software solution assists in making proactive financial strategies to increase profits.

Sales Analytics (Intelligence that Accelerates Sales. )


Our Sales Analytics provides with complete information about the sales process, their progress and closure of the deals .the intelligence of the software gives a complete control over the Order-to-Cash process. The sales performance can be measured on the basis of different factors such as such as revenue, margins and discounts offered. The organizations can know the order positions which include the pending orders, back orders and shipment status with great ease. The sales returns status can be analyzed on the basis of various factors such as details and reasons recorded. The ERP also enables to view enquiry, quotation, sales and dispatch process lead times.

The Sales Performance analyses metrics can be created and viewed in various dimensions on the basis of different parameters such as Products, Markets, Customers, Channels, Sales Locations and Organization Unit etc. The ERP also provides assistance in keeping a track of the sales trends over a period of time. Results can be derived by knowing factors such as organizational summaries to transaction line items and then decisions can be taken accordingly.

  • The Sales analytics helps in getting complete visibility of your Order-to-Cash process.
  • The ERP gives a complete view of the sales performance of the sales department of an organization taking into consideration different factors such as such as Products, Markets, Customers and Channels.
  • The analytics addresses current issues and is able to foresee challenges and opportunities that might emerge on the basis of the sales trends.

INVENTORY ANALYTICS (Ensures 100% inventory integrity.)


Our Inventory Analytics gives organization a comprehensive view of the inventory across different locations. It consists of a dashboard view of the stock positions across multiple locations and various sources. It gives an analysis of the stock movement over a period of time which is presented under various stock attributes the information is segregated on the basis of warehouses classifications and addresses along with stock counts and monetary value. The transactional analysis feature of the module provides information on receipts, consumption, transfers, dispatch performance and trends statistics. Age of stock and stores service level KPIs are additional areas of analysis that can be leveraged.

Our Inventory Analytics enables you to gain critical insights into the real situation of your inventory at the click of a few buttons so that you are able to perform necessary audits in time and ensure 100% inventory integrity at the organization level.

  • The Analytics optimizes the inventory control with greater efficiency.
  • The software helps in gaining complete visibility across disparate inventory locations.
  • It helps in the assessment of the stock positions across warehouses and also of stock in transit.

PROCUREMENT ANALYTICS (Helps in making a wise spend analysis)


Procurement is one of the most important business activities that trigger the production cycle and further completion of the manufacturing process. We offer a procurement analytics tool that provides great assistance in making accurate procurement-related decisions. It acts as an effective purchase analyzer which helps in analyzing purchase trends. Statistics related to procurement can be viewed and it can be ensured that procurement costs are minimized and unnecessary cash out flow can be prevented.

The ERP gives a complete view of the Procure-to-Pay cycle. Purchases can be analyzed and tracked right from the requisition stage through ordering, receipt and invoicing. Different factors such as item classifications, Buyers, Suppliers, Organizational Units are taken into consideration for an elaborate analysis. Order Priorities and Classifications for purchase quantity, Order Values, Lead time over procurement stages, Price Variances and Trends also are considered as some important parameters for a comprehensive analysis of the procurement function. The solution gives important insights into the spend patterns, variances with allocated budgets, supplier performance ratings and service level indicators of the Procurement activity.

  • The ERP helps in the optimization of the procurement related decisions.
  • The organization can get elaborate insights related to complete Procure-to-Pay cycle with the help of the software solution.
  • The ERP helps in analyzing the purchase trends with greater effectiveness. Organizations are able to maintain the lowest possible procurement costs and prevent any unnecessary cash outflow.

PRODUCTION ANALYTICS (Puts in place an intelligent and smart production workflow.)


The overall efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing flow should be monitored closely and a vigilant check is required on the production cycle. Our Production Analytics module offers features that help the manufacturing industry in getting a real-time view of the production cycle and analyze its effectiveness.

With Our Production Analytics, the production quantities and values—planned Vs actual, over a period of stipulated time, can be measured for different product classifications, warehouses, plants, units, and customers. The ERP also helps in analyzing the raw material and input variances for production orders at the aggregate level and at the order lines. Organizations can also analyze resource capacity utilization and availability, productivity and efficiency factors.

  • The ERP helps in improving the overall effectiveness of the manufacturing work flow.
  • The ERP assists in analyzing important production parameters such as resource capacity utilization which gives a true assessment of the overall productivity and efficiency of the production process.

HCM ANALYTICS (Talent Acquisition and retention)


Human Capital Management is a cautious task which involves various functions such as staffing and distribution, in terms of head count and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) analysis. Our HCM Analytics comprises of advanced features which equip the HR personnel to manage the human capital with greater efficiency.

Our HCM Analytics assist in performing head count and FTE analysis on the basis of various factors such as resource demographics, skills and competencies, qualifications, jobs positions and grade sets and the overall organization structure. The module enables the HR department to map actuals against budgeted headcounts and analyze FTE trends over a period of time. The solution also helps in analyzing different HR activities such as compensation, recruitment, resource trainings, grievances management, appraisal management, Attendance Reporting System (ARS) and leave management and employee separation.

  • The HRM analytics help in taking highly informed and accurate HR decisions on the basis of detailed head count and FTE analysis.
  • TThe HR can efficiently map actuals against budgeted headcounts and take a cue of the FTE trends.
  • TThe effectiveness of your HR strategies can be gauged easily.

CRM ANALYTICS (Shoot up your sales)


At Online24x7, we provide an advanced CRM analytics which assists organizations in tapping potential opportunities and meeting their sales targets which they may find elusive at times. With the help of the software assistance, the organizations can get a great insight into the CRM function and optimize their events and campaigns to get better results. The sales and marketing professionals can get a clear view of the performance of the operations and keep a vigilant track on the performance of the team members. The results can be shared with the performers and given a clear insight about their strengths and weaknesses. The results can lay the groundwork for an effective sales planning and strategies for retaining customers and ensuring growth.

The managers’ can analyze the leads and opportunities track the closing time of the leads, make a true assessment of the total costs involved in the marketing campaigns, asses the performance of employees starting with sales personnel to the top management. Our CRM analytics is a highly flexible solution that can be easily integrated with the existing CRM/ERP application. Users can assess the application on mobile devices also.

  • The analytics help in Optimize the performance of your sales and marketing team by effective analysis of the department’s critical operations such as Leads and Opportunities analysis.
  • Gain access to valuable insights and quickly find pain points, discover lost opportunities, meet sales targets, optimize campaign/events' effectiveness and more.
  • The analytics can be integrated with the existing CRM/ERP/any other similar product and can be further involved in the advanced use of the application.