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Get optimum value of your every resource, increase profitability

Online24x7 provides an advanced ERP for advanced planning which helps in optimizing all your resources. The software is highly flexible and consists of a comprehensive library of problem solving algorithm. Basically, it empowers the planning department in an organization with tools that assist in making accurate business decisions. Be it any business operation, the supply chain, production or maintenance, the software provides great assistance in making the right decisions and exercising complete control over them. Various functions such as demand forecasting, planning and inventory planning, transport and other production cost optimization etc. can be done with great efficiency.

Our advanced planning and scheduling software consists of event based execution control and can perform planning and scheduling functions with the shop floor execution processes. With an intuitive workflow and easy implementation, the software is able to easily integrate into the existing core ERP functionality.

Get flexibility; give your business greater control over the value chain model

Our ERP for Advanced Planning gives businesses a framework that is highly flexible and is embedded with huge modeling capabilities. Planners can make immaculate planning details which are based upon real life resources and processes with the required parameters and formulas. The software also displays its flexibility in providing extensions to the value chain with ease and adapting to the changes in the business smoothly. The fact that there is no rigid coding of organization structures and algorithms, our APO application proves to be highly flexible and adaptable. The software has the capability to newly define or change new product hierarchies, resources and processes as the demand arises. Planners can also depict and evaluate the value chain model in an extensive manner and depicted in a descriptive manner.


  • The software solution upgrades the so that planners can make in the value change model according to the business dynamics.
  • The ERP can adjust and change the capabilities of your value chain so that it can accommodate organizational changes. This is done by defining or changing on-demand product hierarchies, resources, and processes.
  • The ERP ensures that process optimization is done efficiently. It is equipped with capabilities to evaluate the relevant value chain model to any detailed level.

Constraint Satisfaction (In-built Intelligence to Address Complex Business Constraints.)


Our Advance Planning & Scheduling software ensures that the planning constraint type and business rules are taken care of with the help of the concept of Policies.

The ERP consists of all policies for various business conditions such as resource capacity, planning, labor skills, optimum capacity of machines, defining strategies for raw material purchase, time relationship between process steps, calendar and shifts, etc; APO library includes all types of policies, which makes evaluation at the planning process, the time to address the requirements caused by any business change, or new plan, or caused as a result of a re-scheduling service.


  • The Constraint satisfaction feature, leverages the pre-built Policy configurations of APO which takes care of the complex overlay of various constraint types, on-the-fly.
  • The software solution has a complex flexible platform which configures policies for defining complex constraint types.
  • The ERP procedures and create plans that are not ridden with constraint violations.

ULTRAFAST PLANNING ENGINE (simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios in the most agile manner.)


The planning model of our ERP for advanced planning is housed in the main memory and is built to quickly run the planning and optimization plans. The memory performance model empowers the planners to change their plans and get ample time to evaluate different scenarios in hypothetical situations too. Planners can also compare different scenarios and they can react and re-schedule your resources in real time. Factors such as changing boundary conditions, short term high priority orders, resource breakdowns, inventory changes and more are taken into account.


  • The ERP is equipped with a superfast capability to simulate new scenarios as they arrive in real time.
  • The software equips planners with tools that help them to make changes in the resource optimization plan effortlessly and evaluate various hypothetical scenarios and compare them.
  • The planners, with the help of the software can make a quick reaction to business complexities in real time. Moreover, they can re-schedule resources and take decisions based on new developments/events.

LIBRARY OF ALGORITHMS (complex problem solving via Monte carlo, heuristics, and more…)


Our advanced Advance Planning & Scheduling software is embedded with numerous policies, planning tools and parameterized processes that help in creating effective optimization plans. Moreover, it facilitates, analysis and evaluation of the plans created in different types of dimensions. A number of functions can be performed such as that of changing and shifting orders, selection of alternative resources and facilitates full order nets with intersected sub-orders can be re-planned, re-scheduled just in time (JIT), as soon as possible (ASAP), or mid-point. Businesses can make inventory and warehousing planning along with tracking of resource usage in real time.

Objective function formulation such as that of total costs, tracking of resource usage can be done efficiently. The software solution reduces the statistical algorithms on simulated annealing, branch and bound, or others, and helps in optimizations of the plans.


  • With the help of the software, planners can build advanced optimization strategies by leveraging the library of policies, parameterized processes and planning propagators.
  • The software helps in optimization of different dimensions which are based upon careful evaluation and analysis in the real world scenarios.
  • The ERP is capable of minimizing the objective functions such as total costs or penalty costs and further helps in optimization of the plans.

Intuitive Planning Cockpit (Leverage an Integration-ready Framework.)


Our ERP consists of graphical interfaces which offer an easy view of orders, work flows, work flow charts, resources, planning results etc.

The planning feature can be easily customized for the requirement of each and every planner’s requirement. There are filter options which can be used and pop-ups, sorting capabilities etc, which increase the response time of the planners.

Our Advanced planning software is highly advanced and can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. Business organizations can choose to get this option as a web based application or avail it as a cloud based service.


  • Our ERP is deployable on an interoperable and open technology framework which allows integration with any modern IT system.
  • The software solution gives the users the flexibility of planning with the flexibility of the place. Planners can create optimization strategies virtually from any place.