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Dealer Management Software

Merges Dealers and Manufactures and helps them focus more on customers’ satisfaction – the significant thing to growth


In a flat word, being within the business of Automobile, FMCG or a typical producing section, you're assured to affect multiple levels of distributors/ dealers each globally and regionally. Although they're usually separate businesses and legal entities, with their own set of business goals, their success will mirror yours. Your dealer or distributor’s operational potency levels and client satisfaction measures are not any major concern for them. To succeed collectively, you wish to possess broader, integrated, real time data and processes.

On the other hand, being a dealer or a distributor is equally or more difficult. Your client expects the proper product or service on time, every time. For this, you wish to optimally forecast, arrange and align your inventories, resources, and processes on period. Whether or not your client is on phone or in your saleroom, if your staff lack period info and are suppressed by noncurrent processes you would possibly got to face the chance of client loyalty erosion. The even flow of knowledge and data inside numerous departments/ branches and additionally along with your manufacturer is the key.
Ultimately whether you're a manufacturer or a distributor, to survive and achieve the trendy franchise surroundings, you wish to deploy a classy dealer management software package that may assist you deliver the proper merchandise at the proper place and time for a right worth.

Dealer Management System (DMS)
Dealer Management System is meant to integrate OEMs/ makers, dealer networks, and end-customers so that the complete business value chain amongst them synergizes, ultimately providing solutions rather than merchandise to customers. The software package includes application packages that neatly contour distributors’ entire operations, whereas providing the manufacturer with a window into select areas of his distributors’ operations and vice versa. Such clear and integrated operations guarantee 360o emphasis on customers, a requirement to survive within the fierce competitive markets.