Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management is of extreme importance to ensure a smooth association with the suppliers and the customers. The entire process from procurement of raw materials to efficient management of warehouses, sales and shipping, purchasing, subcontracting etc. can all be easily managed and integrated with a good Supply Chain Management software solution.
Online24x7 offers an advanced ERP for Supply Chain Management that easily integrates with all the business process. Business organizations are able to serve the customers in the best possible manner and form a healthy relationship with the suppliers. The software is embedded with rich features and functionalities that help in easy collaboration across the supply chain easy.
Our software solution comprises of tools that help business organizations in the management of the inventories and synchronization of supply with the demand. The demand-supply networks can function with great ease if access to real time information is available. Prompt decisions can be taken in respect of receiving and the verification of the shipments. Further, transfer of stock to the warehouses and manufacturing plants, returning defective goods and authorization of supplier payments can also be managed easily. The association shared with customers, manufacturers and contactors in terms of process of delivery, pricing, payment processes can be tremendously improved with the help of the SCM software solution. Metrics can be created to monitor the status of the relationship with them.
Advanced tools and solution in the Supply Chain Management software solution help businesses to keep track of the Supply Chain Management and simultaneously help improve relationships with the clients and suppliers. Moreover, the solution can be easily customized and tweaked as per business needs. The procurement process and Subcontracting can be efficiently managed with the assistance of this software. There are excellent planning tools which come handy while planning for the procurement of raw material. For instance, the SCM for Sales & Shipping makes the entire process automated leads to the desired results. The software solution has multi-currency and multi-country features which make it easy for business organizations to manage their business activities abroad.

The SCM assist in sourcing the right materials on time while keeping costs under control.

Real-time information about the inventories leads to better decision making capabilities in terms of procurement which has a huge effect on the production cycle.


The SCM software automates the entire sales & shipping process making it easy to manage business across different geographical locations.