Purchasing and Subcontracting

Purchasing and Subcontracting

Online24x7 offers an advanced ERP for Purchasing and Subcontracting which enable organizations to manage the entire procurement in a highly efficient manner. Streamlining the procurement process should be taken on a priority basis. This is because the procurement of raw materials in the right quantity in the desired quality on a timely basis has a great impact on the production process.
It is very important to manage the procurement process in an efficient and a smooth manner. Right materials need to be sourced to trigger the production process. Maintaining a healthy relationship with suppliers is extremely important to ensure a profitable association with them. Businesses should tap cost saving opportunities to increase profits.
Our Purchasing and Subcontracting Software Solutions enable a smooth co-ordination between different departments. The entire procurement process is automated with the assistance of MRP (Material Requirement Planning) & reorders. The software assists in planning and establishing an alert mechanism of the procurement process through SMS and Email. It consists of advanced tools to manage third-party subcontractor relationships with a greater degree of efficiency.


With our SCM supplier management software, complete details of suppliers & vendors can be known and captured for further analysis. The performance of the vendors can be accurately measured with greater efficiency over a period of time and comparisons can be made which prove to useful in deciding the associations over a period of time with the vendors. Various details such as rates, order quantities in minimum and maximum can be measured on a regular basis. All these details can be used to make RFQ strategies which are released to vendors and a comparative analysis can be made for the quotations offered by different vendors. Thus, the software assists organizations in taking correct decisions that have a higher probability of gaining profits in the future. Moreover, the process of tax calculation can also be made easy with the help of the software as tax categories can be defined for the vendors and the relevant amount can be allocated to that particular category.

  • The ERP for Purchasing and Subcontracting software helps in managing the suppliers in the best possible manner. The software assists in defining performance parameters and ratings can be given to the suppliers.
  • The software assists organizations in taking calculated decisions in terms of procurement based upon the details captured about the suppliers.
  • Right tax calculations and other statutory calculations can be made.


Our ERP for Purchasing and Subcontracting can be customized according to a particular business. Various activities can be performed such as recording purchase orders from suppliers (regular and one-time), creating direct orders, entering multiple items in a single order. Other functions such as tracking lot, serial numbers and quality check can be done with great ease with the help of this software. Goods received can be matched with the original purchase order with this software solution. Cost control can be exercised with the help of the software through budgeting. Appropriate budgets can be allocated to each function in the procurement process and automatic purchase requests can be generated based on certain rules. Buyer control can be put into practice with the software during different stages of RFQ, Quotation and Procurement.

  • The software solution can be customized according to the business requirement.
  • Enables to follow business practices for the procurement function.
  • Assists business organization in having a complete control over the procurement function.


Our SCM Receiving in the Purchasing and Subcontracting Software Solutions assists in easy execution of the different functions involved in goods receiving. The quantity and quality of the goods can be known which enables the organization in purchase return of defective goods. Other details such as attributes, supplier lot/serial information and quality agency details, etc. of the goods received can also be captured. The goods Receipt interface is easy to understand and a simple goods receipt with all the necessary details can be generated.

  • The SCM receiving solution enables to record exhaustive information related to goods received.
  • It facilitates to record a large number of transactions in a single screen, hence, time is saved which otherwise is required for multiple data entry.
  • The solution helps in capturing and comparing the quality of goods received mentioned in the purchase order.


ur SCM Subcontracting software solution is embedded with advanced tools which help in efficient management of the subcontracting process. It easily integrates with the Inventory, Purchasing and Finance functions and helps in the management of material issues and receipts. Different functions such as Effective order management with pricelist, BOM-based ordering capabilities, tracking of items in work-in-progress (WIP) etc. can be done with great ease. Items can be tracked, information of the suppliers according to date and issued items is provided in a systematic order. In a nutshell, the SCM Subcontracting helps in managing the entire subcontracting process with higher efficiency.

  • The SCM Subcontracting helps in reaping the benefits of Order Management with Pricelist and BOM based ordering capabilities.
  • Items can be easily tracked in Work-in-progress, information about each item, subcontractor etc. can be complied.


Our SCM Imports enables to record data about purchased goods across different geographical locations. It has a large number of currency options which make management of purchase orders from different geographies easy. Cargo tracking, clearance for imports, automated ‘Letter of Credit, calculations related to import duty, creation of bonded warehouse documents etc. can be generated easily.

  •  The SCM software facilitates in the specification of multiple currency options for vendors located abroad.
  • Letter of Credit can be automatically generated and import POs can be created promptly.
  • The import purchases and receipts can be easily tracked, ensuring cost efficiency.
  • The SCM imports ensures that the organization meets the statutory compliance with duty calculations and payments.


Our SCM Purchasing and Subcontracting Software Solutions assists organizations in gathering all the required information about the vendors. This software solution proves to be an excellent platform for association with new vendors. Interested suppliers can register themselves on the supplier portal. After a strict background check and after completing the necessary formalities, the new vendors can be brought under the approved vendor list category. Real-time information and details can be gained about the procurement process, status of purchase orders, total amount due etc. can also be known with great ease. The portal helps in managing the suppliers and ensuring a smooth relationship with them.

  • The software makes the vendors informed of the supply chain by enabling them to get real-time information about the procurement process easily.
  • The software facilitates an easy relationship with the suppliers. Real-time information helps in saving time and effort.