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Payment Interfaces

Ecommerce offers quick and easy ways of payment methods which are a combination of the conventional ways of payment on delivery and other modern ways of online payments. Read on, to know the various payment interfaces of e-commerce.

COD, pre-payment, Credit cards and much more

With our payment interface of ‘SmartStore.Net’, all payment methods such as that of payment on delivery, pre-payment and payment through credit cards are available. The software also supports online payment methods.


This payment interface facilitates easy transferring of money while ordering in a shop. The retailer/merchant immediately gets notification after the completion of the order and thus can deliver the goods and services without any sort of risk involved.

Paypal Express

Paypal Express is perhaps one of popular and highly preferred payment interface in E-commerce. The main reason for such preference is that it facilitates prompt payment as it reduces the time involved in the purchasing process which further reduces the purchase cancellations at the store.


The IPayment is a cost-efficient and a highly professional payment interface facilitating online payments. This interface is so advance that the visitor while making payments does not get to know about the involvement of a third party in the processing of online payments. The entire process of interface communication happens in the background and does not get redirected to IPayment.