Dynamics 365 for Talent is for human resource professionals who want to strategically attract, engage, and optimize talent to achieve high impact, sustainable business results.

Improve Your Talent Growth:

Promote your employer brand to create a compelling recruiting experience that accelerates candidate pipeline growth, anticipates workforce requirements, shortens the time-to-fill roles, and lands top-tier candidates.

Foster engagement and growth across the talent journey to create a more responsive digital workplace that empowers employees to do their best work, drives productivity, increases job satisfaction, and reduces turn-over and replacement costs.

Put people at the center of digital transformation to create streamlined processes and effective programs that optimize workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high performance culture.

Design high-performance experiences across the talent journey to create engaged, agile and successful teams that drive business growth. Easily set up and simplify your HR programs, including personnel and organizational management, benefits and compensation, health and safety and business process administration

  • Reduce administrative tasks with self-service
  • Get insights for the right action with people analytics
  • Simplify compliance to global regulations
  • Deliver a cost-effective and connected programs

Attract the right talent, streamline the interview process and get better insights into hiring pipelines. The result is great hires in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Find and source top candidates with LinkedIn
  • Create accurate candidate profiles
  • Coordinate calendars and automate interview scheduling
  • Collaborate easily from mobile devices or desktops • Shorten time and cost to hire

Enable a seamless employee onboarding experience to accelerate the productivity and impact of new hires.

  • Welcome new hires with a personalized pre-boarding and onboarding experience
  • Share critical resources and relevant documents
  • Outline milestones and task lists
  • Identify LinkedIn connections to quickly build relationships across the company
  • Easily monitor success

D365 Talent

Harness the power of Microsoft’s extensive capabilities via its robust applications. With Dynamic 365 Talent transform the entire Human Resource Management system. The software solution comes with several tools that help you to calculate benefits and create the right guidelines. Make workers compensation plans and set deductions to make the Benefits and Compensation Management a clear cut process. Introduce transparency in terms of eligibility and fixing the base pay. Strive for employee satisfaction and motivation by creating the right performance incentives, bonus, increments, etc.

  • One
  • Two

Manage your Human Capital Management with great ease with this stand-alone application. The management can view their information as well as that of the staff. The hierarchy can be easily known, and thus there’s no confusion while delegating work. Manage Personnel Management by managing open positions, job rotation, transfer of employees. The solutions also ensure efficient Task Management. The solutions also assist organizations in Employee Development.  Organizations invest in their employees to foster professional growth on the in the interest of the organization. The leadership can know which set of skills will be required to move employees up in the hierarchy. The skill gap can be, and thus the organization can learn how to utilize the skills and talent of employees optimally. So, skill Mapping is one of the best things about D365 Talent as it gives organization invaluable insights into the employees’ skills.  D365 Talent lets you efficiently manage feedback and employee training & Development.

Business Process: This module enables to define tasks that are required to complete a Business Process Template which creates and assign tasks that have been mentioned in the template. The Attract feature allows connecting Talent and LinkedIn to post vacancies. Every step of recruitment is managed in the module. Moreover, it integrates with Office 365 and checks the availability of the members to schedule the interviewers.

The Onboard feature helps the managers to induct new member and ensure that it’s a smooth process for both the organization as well as the new employee. The manager can send activities and deadlines to the new employee. The template in which the standard message and events are mentioned saves time, and with just a click the induction process can be completed in no time.  With D365 Talent hire the best candidates and manage the entire employee lifecycle with digital tools built-in the application.

Analyze Data with Power BI. Get a 360-degree view of the human resources and their different aspect such as hiring, induction , pay packages, deductions, performance incentives, retirement etc. This gives an in-depth understanding of Human Capital Management. The BI empowers you with reports and visualizations to provide you with an understanding of the employees and how Human Capital Management can be optimized. This application can be fully integrated with other dynamics tools such as Flow, D365 F & O, and others.

Track Competencies and create a robust workforce. It is essential for any organization to evaluate the employees’ performance and make a comparison of skills gained, knowledge and training sessions to know the abilities of the candidates. The training and development strategies can be put in place to upgrade the capabilities of the candidates that will prove to be useful for the organization.