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In the technical arena, two important processes that of production of technical manuals and the availability of the drawings have huge importance. The manuals and the drawings are created, assembled and updated on a regular basis. Online24x7’s Electronic Document Management software System makes this process easier.

The Document Management System enables designers to create designs in AUTOCAD and save them. These documents can be saved with full-texting capabilities. Changes and modifications made in the drawing can be tracked. Designers can also maintain a history of their work and can access them using the document management software.

Designers can archive drawings with version management. They can easily search drawings based on technical specifications. Technical manuals can be created and managed with great ease. Products sheets and documents can be managed efficiently. These advantages are described below.

Products sheets can be easily managed:

Online24x7’s database management system contains at least two sheets. One of the products’ sheets consist of the description of the features and the prerequisites and the production mode. The second product sheet in the software explains the production cycle. The sheets can be saved in a particular folder in the Electronic document management software systems.

Production of project and product documentation:

Projects, product sheets, technical manuals and all the documentation that certifies the product's quality must be provided to customers.

By using the feature 'Export to ZIP', this documentation, or part of it, can be delivered to the customer into a single and easy to read ZIP archive.

Benefits of the Document Management System:

The web interface of the electronic document management software system is embedded with a great deal of security. It allows customers to access the archive and view only what the organization wants them to view. The technical personnel during installation can access documents anywhere from the internet

Documents Covered:

  • CAD drawings
  • Product manuals
  • Product sheets
  • Project's documentation

Offices involved:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Technical writers
  • Technical Manager

Improved processes:

  • Drawings
  • Archive management
  • Production, maintenance and consultation of products sheets/technical manuals
  • Production of documentation needed by products