Send as Email or Ticket


This feature of the document management software enables users to easily retrieve documents such as an invoice and instantly send it as an email attachment. ‘Send as email’ feature is available in the Email and download ticket feature of the EDMS software. By clicking on this feature of ‘Send as Mail’ the recipients will receive the particular documents. Easy email addresses are available instead of coding the recipients. Moreover, when users want to send large documents as attachments, then the option of ‘Send as Download Document’ is available. By clicking on this feature, a simple message is sent to the recipients where they receive a link. The recipients can download the documents directly from the document management software from the link given. With this feature documents can also be send to the people outside the company. Thus, with this feature of the EDMS software, documents can be send to the recipients as email attachments or as a single email compressed attachment. They can also send the documents as a download ticket which has an expiry date configured in administration.

Online24x7’s document management system connects to configure SMTP server. It is noteworthy that users can send emails only if they have the permission to download. It is very easy to send a document as a mail attachment to selected recipients. Firstly, users have to select a document and select the option of ‘Email Document’ available in the context menu. A pop-up will come and users have to fill in the chosen recipients. The compiled message containing the fields such as the Recipients, CC, Subject and Message with the attachment containing the document can be send to the desired recipients. If more than one documents have to be send, then there is the option of compacting the documents in a single zip archive and then send it to the recipients.