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Sales And Marketing


The Sales and Marketing Document management system software enables to trace documents anytime and anywhere. The structure of a negotiation from its beginning to conclusion can be stored in a folder solely created for the purpose of storing commercial negotiations exchanged both on an internal and external basis.

With Online24x7’s Database Management System, folders are created for storing negotiation and using the documents for future deals. All the Sales and Marketing documents can be stored and transferred among agents with great ease. To view a document, the download ticket can be emailed which also enables to send a notification to the agent about important changes made in the document.

The sales and marketing software offers a number of advantages. Users can easily view a document by sending the download ticket for email. This also enables notification of important changes made in the document. Online24x7 offers an Electronic Document Management System which handles the negotiations and tracks the status of the negotiations. The software also manages the offers’ versions.

Benefits to the Sales Manager

Manager and the other staff can view the data released by the commercial and the documents of numerous commercial negotiations.

Benefits of handling the commercial negotiations

The commencement of a deal or a negotiation may have different forms. For Instance, it may be data collected during a promotional event or a written request from the customer. It also covers telemarketing activities such as cold calling, calling a prospective buyer. In the Electronic Document Management Software systems, all the activities of commercial negotiation are stored in a structured format.

Benefits of creation of Offer:

The commercial negotiations are stored in a word template in which changes are updated. This document is continuously maintained by the Marketing and Law Office. All the changes are automatically stored in the word template with a particular version number. The deals which are closed or the negotiations successfully concluded are stored with the order placed by the client. The acceptance of the same duly signed may be sent by fax or email. The Offer documents are saved in the electronic database management system by the concerned agent who verifies that the offer is correct. It provides the required information to the sales office. In the Document management system not only the successful negotiations are archived but also the lost negotiations are stored with the reason for non-closure.

Benefits of using Electronic document management software systems:

The use of web interface enables agents to create, archive and update data in the Document Management System. They can update the document in real times sales information. It also provides flexibility of place as agents can have access to the documents from anywhere. They can store the documents and use them for research. Moreover, the marketing manager can keep an eye on the progress of negotiations.

Documents Covered:

  • Customers’ requests
  • Commercial offers
  • Customer orders
  • Internal communications
  • External communications

Involved Offices:

  • Commercial Direction
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agents
  • Commercial Secretary