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Research and Development


Knowledge and information is of paramount importance to an organization. It is gained over a period of time and proves to be highly useful for current and future business operations. But the irony is that this information or data is kept in an unstructured format and concentrated in a few hands. This raises certain important questions regarding the security and the need of formalizing information. The scenario in which an employee leaves an organization, the security of the information after his departure is safe or not is highly questionable. Whether the information will be dispersed among outsiders or how an efficient management of will information will take place during the process of research and development is debatable.

Online24x7 offers an Electronic Document Management System in which enables organizations to manage their documents. With this software, organizations can secure their documents and can access them anytime and anywhere. The previous versions can be viewed and users are able to link the related documents. It is a great platform for collaboration among colleagues.

This Database Management System formalizes the knowledge and information of organizations. Documents are safe and easily accessible whenever required. Information can be easily shared among the employees in an organization. Users can view previous versions, link related documents, and collaborate with colleagues. The electronic document management software system creates a repository of information for the employees and acts an important source of knowledge for research and development.

With Online24x7’s Electronic Document Management system software documents and manuals can be stored. Full-text searches can be easily made. The software enables exchange of ideas and discussion via forums.

Benefits to Research & Development Staff

  • The software enables to store documents in folders and users can browse the required information.
  • The software enables full-text searches with document text indexing.
  • Efficiency of the employees increases to a great extent as valuable time is saved by instantly searching for the required information.

Benefits of Using the Document Management System

The Database Management system makes the organization’s documents accessible without the installation of any additional software. The repository created increases the efficiency of the employees.

Documents Covered

  • Manuals
  • Technical documents
  • Drafts
  • Internal communications

Involved Offices

  • Research and Development
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agents
  • Commercial Secretary
  • Technical Office