Profesional WorkFlow


The Professional Workflow feature of the document management software, makes documents management process a highly automated one. With an integrated professional workflow, businesses processes gain optimum efficiency. Operations become highly reliable and customised with this feature of the EDMS software and perfectly match an organization’s requirements. Online24x7’s integrated Professional Workflow customises the routing and management options. Users can easily keep a tab on the location of the document in the system with great ease.

The Professional Workflow feature sends notifications and schedule reminders via email and Online24x7’s EDMS software sends customized notification templates with confidential information about the company. The professional workflow in the document management system software is a collection of activities stored in a structured format. This collection of data lead to production of a service or product that meets the requirements of the clients highly efficiently.
The various processes in the Professional Workflow refer to costs being incurred on business processes which lead to generation of revenue. So, in order to understand the working of the different work processes it is highly important that employees get a great understanding Professional Workflow feature in the Document Management software. The processes executed and business functions performed refer to assets of an organization and therefore they should be worked upon earnestly. These work processes should be continuously improved so that organizations are able to produce goods and services of high quality. A collection of documents is referred to particular business process. So as and when business processes are being performed, additional workflow templates are added by the Administrators.
The Professional Workflow consists of ‘Tasks’ and ‘Transitions’, through which the collection of documents have to pass through. Only when the collection of documents pass through ‘Tasks’ which refers to a stage in the Life-cycle of a document ( stage of a business process) and ‘Transitions’ which refer to the movement of tasks in the workflow. These are actions which move to a document to the next stage; the Professional Workflow is considered to be complete.
The Professional Workflow of the document management system software sends notifications to users as to which task have to be performed. Therefore, the connection to the server needs to be configured in a highly accurate manner.
The Professional workflow in Online24x7’s EDMS software can be created and managed easily. Moreover, the administrators can also import and export workflow models. Efficiency is achieved by workflow models. Efficiency is gained in the form of multiple tasks being performed simultaneously and with serial sequence of steps in the execution. For each task, there may be multiple alternate users thus resulting in higher efficiency. Notifications are sent to the users regarding their work status and reminding them to complete their work of the tasks. Thus, time and energy is saved resulting in maximum efficiency of the employees.