PDF Creation


The Document management system software is equipped to manage PDF Files. An enterprise –Wide solution is provided to the Document management software. This capability of the EDMS software enables to create and manage PDF files. The PDF feature converts any document to PDF. Further, the document can be shared, saved and users can publish it. A group of documents can be merged into a single file. Users can import documents from anywhere as PDF files and also email documents as PDF files. The document is then checked in and the subsequent version is saved along with details such as the version number, notes, document format etc. Moreover, the original source document can be saved and the converted document to PDF format can be saved in a version history. Users can electronically approve documents for PDF publication.

In the EDMS software, the PDF creator is embedded and users can automatically give approval for PDF publications of the documents. PDF file versions can be easily managed and stored in such a way that users can track the version numbers of file version, the version notes and the author of the PDF file, version notes, date etc. can be easily located in the PDF creator in thedocument management software .