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Paperless Office


A large number of companies have huge hard-copy document archives which are difficult to maintain. Such large archives not only consume a lot of space but need time to manage properly. The Document management software allows business organizations to convert scanned documents into searchable texts including images and PDFs. The software enables import data from existing file systems.

. Moreover, hard-copy archives can be replaced without manual data entry. By using a professional scanner, all the scanned files can be imported to a particular folder. The result is an amazing paperless office with no clutter.

Online24x7’s Open Source Document Management System for creating a paperless office offers the following benefits:

  • Space optimization: Hard copies of documents can be destroyed and de-localized.
  • Quick Access: Instant access to the desired information
  • Better security: The Electronic data management system leads to better management and further results in improved security of documents.
  • Flexibility of place: Documents can be accessed even from remote location
  • Facilitates log activity and changes can be easily made to the archives

Documents covered by the DMS software

  • Practices
  • Contracts
  • Documentations

Personnel Benefitted

  • Direction
  • Commercial Direction
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agents
  • Commercial Secretary
  • Technical Office

Processes Improved

  • Easy management of the documents archive
  • Easy production, handling, and consultation of documents
  • Better security management

Benefits of digitizing documents:

Space conservation is one of the main advantages of digitizing files. A lot of actual storage space is needed to store large hard-copies of documents. With Document management software, files which are not required can be stored off-site or the hard copies can be discarded. Access to documents is possible with a remote archive. Moreover, confidential and sensitive data gets improved and better security.