The Optical Character Recognition feature of the Document Management System software enables to search for a required information with increased efficiency. Organizations can create a paperless office with the help of the electronic document management system. The OCR feature in the document management software can instantly search for the needed information. The software and the feature is applied to hard-copies and scanned files. With the help of the electronic document management system, the desired information can be immediately found. Online24x7 extracts images and raster PDFs from scanned documents from multi-functional devices.

Optical Character Recognition which is available in all management system software minimises the requirement of data entry to a great extent. The required information can be found with great ease as the entire document is fully indexed. The OCR feature is available in all commercial editions and it gets support for raster PDF. An optional external OCR module is based on Nuance Omni Page and has support for images and multiple-page TIFFs. It enables to optimize search performance and increases the recognition quality considerably.
OCR is a great addition to the electronic document management system. Images are scanned into OCR and the OCR feature converts the scanned images into text files. The OCR feature works very easy. If Optical Character Recognition is embedded in the EDMS software and the OCR engine is attached to the image and the text document is virtually attached to the image, then the required text can be easily searched and the associated scanned image can also be viewed. It is noteworthy that OCR is advisable to use where information is imported from other databases within an organisation. For instance in the CRM software-Customer Relationship Management software. Also, in the Campus ERP software where information about the students, faculty etc. is stored or the EDMS software used by the banking sector where client information is stored, the OCR proves to be a powerful tool. Optical Character Recognition will work best in such cases. OCR is put to use at its best when documents are not or not-fully indexed. Also, in cases where there are an array of certain terms or words in the document. With OCR scanned images and the associated text can be managed with great ease.