Multi-Language Support


Online24x7 offers an International Document Management software that supports a number of languages. Multi-Language support refers to multiple translation of user interface. Online24x7’s EDMS software uses specialized indexing algorithms and manages documents in a number of foreign languages such as English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese and many more. So, users based out of the country can easily manage the documents’ in their local languages. A number of local languages combined with an easy user-interface are available. Online24x7’s EDMS software is embedded with an online translation program that supports new languages.

The Multi-Language feature of the document management system provides access to users of different countries. Thus, users comfortable with a particular language can manage documents in their preferred language. It enables users to handle documents in multiple languages with the same application. Functions such as Full-Text Searches can be performed with great ease even in different languages. Moreover, users can also add their language to Online24x7’s EDMS software, thereby making an important contribution to the language feature of Online24x7’s electronic document management system. The localized user interface of our software makes handling documents for users an easy task. Language specific analysers and indexing algorithms makes managing and handling documents very easy.