Metadata and Templates


The document Management software is equipped with capabilities to easily manage and customize document properties. Online24x7’s EDMS software supports documents which are groups of metadata values and templates. These metadata values are also known as properties. Users can easily configure metadata and templates settings.
Files can easily be categorized, stored, located and retrieved. Users can use the list of properties created and associate values with an external database tables. The database may be pulled out of the CRM- Customer Management Relationship software, Accounting Software, Campus ERP software, Builder ERP software etc. Users can configure free-form text, dates and numbers. In the EDMS software, the metadata and templates enables users to organize data in a highly structured format. For example, users can create a pull-down list for common labels such as for various departments or product names. With metadata, new documents can be easily indexed as users can configure folder-level defaults. Metadata and Templates basically add annotations or descriptions to files. Adding descriptions make it easier for users to locate files in the Document Management system.

Through EDMS you can create templates and you can set the attributes as well so that while creating mails or message you need not to write the entire text once again.

EDMS user can create n number of tagging on a particular documents and it is very easy to find out the tagging also through the tag cloud.

In this screenshot we can see how to create and add more tags to find out any document we have tagged for.