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Law Firm


Law firms handle every day a large amount of documents

In the Legal arena, the Document Management System is required for storing files and retrieving the documents instantly. The legal Document Management software is similar to a library management software that enables the legal fraternity to write case files with the usage of common word processing software and later in storage of files with particular metadata. Every file written is automatically are numbered, archived and given a version. Moreover, the DMS software enables in the creation and maintenance of a copy of all previous versions which serves the purpose of inspection on a future date.

Online24x7 provides the Documents management software solution from its office in Gurgaon to both domestic and international clients. It offers a number of benefits to the legal fraternity. It gives them complete document control. They can create files and handle them in hassle free manner. Files can be stored and versioned systematically and the searchable files can be written using technical specifications.

The DMS software allows legal professionals to access each and every lawsuit documentation and link data files for the creation of huge case records. Moreover, they can easily convert hard copy documents into digital files by using a scanner. It is noteworthy that digitized files are easier to search and locate which saves time and energy.

Documents Covered

  • Client Information
  • Case Files

Personnel Benefitted

  • Lawyers
  • Editors
  • Technical Managers

Processes Improved

  • Ease of creation of Files
  • Production and handling of case files
  • Management of the practice archive
  • Consultation of files

Benefits of using the Web Interface

  • Direct access to documents by the employees of the firm
  • Direct access to concerned people who are party to the case or following the case
  • Documents can be accessed anytime and from any place, thus the need for additional documentation can be easily met