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Knowledge Management


Business organizations create knowledge in abundance that is of huge benefit to them. But the irony is that they are oblivious to the value of the information they have created and the benefits that accrue from it. Knowledge, if processed in the right way can prove highly useful to organizational development.

Electronic Database Management System enables business organizations to create a platform for knowledge management which not only makes information instantly and easily accessible, but also provides them security. This platform is known as the Open Source document Management system.

Benefits of DMS

It is a fact that a large part of corporate information is stored in unstructured data formats which results in tedious search processes. A lot of time and energy is wasted in a day to search for information that is required for smooth functioning of business process on a daily basis. This hampers the efficiency of employees. The Database Management System enables in quick retrieval of information and instant access to the desired knowledge. Fast retrieval of information leads to better efficiency of the employees and it streamlines various business operations.

Online24x7’s Documents Management Software indexes content with the requisite security and thus business organizations can retrieve data with ease and peace of mind. Time is Money and the electronic document management system software allows companies to save precious time which would otherwise be spent on searching required knowledge and recreating it. Faster retrieval of information leads to a better and quick decision making process.

Electronic document management software systems allows to:

  • Create a central repository for information where it is divided into folders and documents according to organizational and hierarchical workspaces.
  • With the DMS software, information is easily searchable. Also, the information can be easily reused in recurring document programs.
  • The DMS software provides security to knowledge assets. It enables group- based and user based knowledge access which results in highly secure and relevant knowledge sharing.
  • The DMS software allows for efficient management of Knowledge Life Cycle. Users can have access to updated information. Knowledge and information is subjected to version and revision control. Users can track knowledge usage history with the Access Log.
  • The Electronic document management software systems lead to great co-ordination among employees and thus have a positive effect on their efficiency. It also records communication among team members in terms of document development.