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Healthcare Document


Managing Health Information using Electronic Data Management System Software:

A patients’ privacy is of utmost concern to the medical fraternity. In fact, in several countries, laws exist to fiercely guard the patient’s privacy. It is mandatory for medical facilities to follow strict regulations that guarantee a patient’s privacy. But, the fact is that health documents of the patients exchange a number of hands, hence making the process of controlling the privacy a tedious and time-consuming task.

Online24x7, makes the task of ensuring privacy quite easier for both the patients and as well as the medical staff. Our Electronic Document Management Software Solutions for healthcare enables medical professionals to easily adhere to the privacy rules and regulations. This software manages the large number of documents. Moreover, it also enables patients to easily access their records.

Role of Online24x7 in Health Care Management:

Online24x7 provides Database Management system which guarantees privacy of the patients. With our Document management software system, the medical facilities can never lose any records. The patients’ records are stored with retrieval tools and are designed for optimized search. The response time of the search is reduced tremendously resulting in better efficiency of the medical staff.

With digitization of the medical processes, expenses such as that of paper, toner etc. are minimized. All needs to be done is the scanning of hard copies and converting them into digital format. Further they need to be stored and organized in a structured format for quick searches. It is noteworthy that with the integration of Online24x7’s Document Management System software in the existing office systems, more time and energy can be devoted towards health care of the patients.

Electronic Document Management Software Solution makes Health Management processes digital.

Documents Covered:

  • Patients’ Documents
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Medical Publications

Personnel Benefitted

  • Direction
  • Commercial Direction
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agents
  • Commercial Secretary
  • Technical Office

Involved Offices and Personnel

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Patients

Processes Improved:

  • Patient documents and medical record management
  • Medical knowledge base
  • Digitization of hard copies